December 16, 2022, 14:40 – Public News Service – OSN

Children believe in miracles and magic. Every parent can arrange a fabulous New Year, the memories of which will remain in memory for a long time. This does not require much time or special financial costs.

Of course, you can limit yourself to simply distributing long-awaited gifts for the chiming clock, but it is much more interesting to congratulate the child in one of the unusual ways that Public News Service.

How to congratulate a child on the New Year in an original way

1. Keep your children’s faith in Santa Claus. This difficult task is best handled by large white footprints leading straight to the Christmas tree with colorfully wrapped gifts. Making them is easy. Take regular baking soda and mix it with glitter. You will also need boots, preferably large. Moisten the sole with water, dip in soda and “stomp” to the New Year’s tree. Don’t forget to put nicely wrapped gifts under it and leave the window open. Such evidence will convince even the most stubborn little skeptic of the existence of Santa Claus.

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2. Let the child himself be in the role of a wizard. Think in advance in which image it would be interesting for the child to reincarnate. Buy or make an appropriate outfit, such as a fairy tale dress or a funny kind snowman costume. Give the baby a bag of symbolic inexpensive gifts in his hands and offer to give them to all guests. Inside the magic bag you can put sweets, crackers, unbreakable Christmas decorations, souvenirs with the symbol of the year. You can complicate the task and go to congratulate neighbors or even strangers on the street on the holiday.

3. The child will definitely be delighted if Santa Claus himself congratulates him on the New Year. It is not at all difficult to organize this, the bearded wizard receives calls from most cities in Russia. The phone number can be found on the Internet. The service is free, you will have to pay only for outgoing calls at your usual rate.

4. Have a party for the kids. Surprise your child and invite his friends from kindergarten or classmates to visit. Let it be not just a tea party with sweets, but a real masquerade. Warn the parents of the invited children in advance so that they have time to prepare an outfit and ask them to bring some trinket with them that can be presented to a friend. Which one – will determine the lot. Right at the entrance, invite the guys to randomly take a piece of paper with the name of the person to whom the gift will be intended. If it is not possible to gather everyone directly on the eve of the New Year, organize a carnival on vacation so that as many children as possible can come – then it will definitely be fun and interesting.

5. As if by chance, find a magic tree. Choose a small tree near your home and hang sweets, fruits and small symbolic gifts on it. Take your child for a walk so that he discovers a pleasant surprise.