On the eve of the New Year holidays, adults usually want to please the kids with sweet gifts. Rospotrebnadzor experts advise choosing treats carefully and following certain rules so that sweets do not harm health.

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How informs resource Healthy-food.rf, sweet gifts should be bought in places where there is an organized trade. These are shops, official fairs and markets, supermarkets.

How to choose a sweet gift

When buying, pay attention to the label and labeling of the product. Here, the manufacturer is obliged to indicate the name and composition of the product, the date of manufacture, the expiration date and storage conditions of food products, including after opening the package. Also, the name and location of the manufacturer or the surname, name, patronymic and location of the individual entrepreneur must be indicated on the package. In addition, the label contains the name and location of the person authorized by the manufacturer, the name and location of the importing organization or the name and location of the individual importer.

The manufacturer is obliged to inform about nutritional value indicators, provide information on the presence of components obtained using GMOs in the product. Also, the package must bear a single sign of product circulation on the market of the Customs Union member states.

The expiration date is indicated, focusing on the most perishable product that is contained in the composition. It is worth choosing a set with the packing date closest to the day of purchase. In this case, waffles, sweets and cookies will remain fresher.

When choosing gifts, you should give preference to those sweets, which contain a minimum of food additives, preservatives, homogenized fats and oils. It is also important to pay attention to the possible content of allergens – apricot kernels, peanuts can cause a reaction. Therefore, they are not recommended for use in baby food.

Do not put in children’s sets and caramel, especially candy, as well as sweets that contain more than 0.5% ethanol. A good sweet set can include jelly and waffle sweets, candies with soufflĂ© filling, chocolate, waffles, gingerbread, cookies, marshmallows, soft toffee, marshmallow and marmalade.

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The most harmless are marshmallows and marshmallows – they have the least amount of sugar and pectin, which is useful for digestion. It is important to pay attention to the absence of flavor and aroma enhancers in the composition of sweets, preservatives marked E200, E202, E210, E249, synthetic dyes, flavors identical to natural, hydrogenated oils and fats, natural coffee.

In the gift set, along with sweets, you can put a toy – in a separate package, which is designed to come into contact with food. It is important to keep in mind age restrictions and safety precautions. For example, toys for children under 3 years of age should not be with natural fur and leather, which are strong allergens. A sweet gift is stored at a temperature of 15-17 degrees.

At the request of the buyer, the seller of the gift is obliged to show documents that confirm the quality and safety of the composition – a declaration of conformity, waybills. If parents have doubts about the quality and safety of the goods, you need to contact the All-Russian hotline of Rospotrebnadzor on the quality and safety of children’s goods for clarification 8 800 555 4943. About the work of the hotline earlier reported network edition “Teacher’s newspaper”.

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Russian Post now has boxes for letters to Santa Claus

New Year is not only sweet gifts. Santa Claus is an integral part of it. In the branches of the Russian Post, they hung boxes in which letters for the New Year’s magician are collected. You can drop messages in them until December 31. Letters should be sent to the address: 162390, Vologda region, Veliky Ustyug, per. Oktyabrsky, 1a, E-mail: postcard@ao-dedmoroz.ru. Important to get an answer specify return address with zip code.

However, the letter can also be addressed to Father Frost’s colleagues from other regions: Ural Frost, Yamal Iri, Udmurt Tol Babai, Chuvash Hel Muchi, Mari Yushto Kugyz, Yakut Chyskhaan. In Karelia, New Year’s envelopes will be waiting for Pakkaine, in Tatarstan – Kysh Babai, in Ulan-Ude – Saagan Ubgen.

Last year in Veliky Ustyug almost 170 thousand letters of desire were received, they were sent by both children and adults.

Where else can you write to Santa Claus

In our country, the New Year’s wizard has more than 10 residences. In some of them, you can safely send letters and wait for a response. The largest estate is located in Veliky Ustyug. Santa Claus is there every year receives more than 200 thousand letters from children not only from Russia, but also from other countries.

58 boxes for New Year’s mail have been placed in Moscow. They are festively decorated and have an appropriate inscription. All correspondence will be transferred to the Moscow residence of Father Frost. You can send a letter by regular mail to the address: 109472, Moscow, Kuzminsky forest, Volgogradsky prospect, vl. 168 d, Santa Claus. Be sure to include the sender’s name and return address for a reply.

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The grandfather from the Nizhny Novgorod region will also answer. The address for contacting him is simple: Nizhny Novgorod region, Utechino village, 171 a. In the Altai residence, Santa Claus has assistants who write answers to children on his behalf: Altai Territory, Belokurikha, st. Slavsky, 17 or altaydedmoroz@ded22.ru.

In Karelia, Santa Claus – Pakkaine – receives messages at the address: Republic of Karelia, Olonets, st. 30th Anniversary of Victory, 8. Tatar grandfather – Kysh Babai – lives in the Republic of Tatarstan, Arsky district, the village of Yana Kyrlay. Letters can be sent here both in Russian and in Tatar. Kysh Babai is helped by his daughter, Kar Kyzy, she will definitely help him answer everyone.

Any message to Santa Claus will reach the mail – even if the address on the envelope is filled out incorrectly. The main thing, as the post office employees say, is to correctly indicate the addressee – Santa Claus.

Family tradition

Writing a letter to Santa Claus can become a pleasant family tradition and educational tool. Toddlers will succeed practice their ability to write, formulate thoughts, dream. In addition, the child can be creative in the design of the envelope and sheet. It is important to encourage such an initiative.

When writing a letter with a child, you should remember all the good things that happened in the family during the year. So the child will understand what he has learned during this time, what he learned new. It is also important that the baby thanked himself and his loved ones for the past year.