Russians should be careful with bank cards so as not to fall for new tricks of scammers.

Photo: pixabay

As told in conversation Tatyana Kurzyakova, Director of the Card Business and Loyalty Department of the Moscow Credit Bank (MCB), Prime Agency, citizens who withdraw money from ATMs should be more careful not to become a victim of intruders.

As the expert noted, first of all, if a user withdraws money in a public place, it is better not to show outsiders the numbers on the back and not to carry PIN codes in the wallet. And when paying online, check the data when transferring funds to another card and do not follow suspicious links.

Tatyana Kurzyakova also added that the card can be secured by setting up SMS alerts and using a phone number for transfers, not the number of the card itself. In addition, the expert advised using nameless and digital cards, or even payment rings.

Formerly online edition “Teacher’s newspaper” told about what not to do with the found bank card. For example, you should not independently look for its owner. Such actions can already lead to problems for the finder himself. Bank employees do not know how long ago the card was lost and who could use it. It is possible that the finder will be suspected of previous illegal write-offs of funds. Someone previously could have already used the card, and you will have to prove your innocence to this.