The other day, central news agencies wrote that law enforcement officers in Khimki near Moscow are looking for four young people who extinguished the flame of the Eternal Flame of the monument “Defended the Fatherland” on Prospekt Mira.

Where does all this come from, when we have a special operation going on, mobilization is going on. Yes, and the authorities are promoting patriotism, although on the Central Television, instead of talking about the heroes of Russia, we are again driven into the head by repressions, the famine (the favorite strong point of the current neo-fascist pro-NATO Ukrainian regime). Although, it is alleged that the Tseraush “Memorial” was banned de jure. In short, the “Urgants” live and win today. So is it worth it to be offended and think about the “adequate answers” of our former friends. They answered us already over the past decades in their school textbooks.

“World War II ended with the death of Hitler”

Our former allies and once friends changed color several decades ago, primarily by rewriting the history books. Of course, we are talking about World War II. Well, who cares about the battle of Crécy, when the English, out of fear, slaughtered the flower of the French nobility. The latter were held captive and awaiting ransom. Alas, it didn’t work out.

But children… What is laid in us “from an early age”.

The Austrian textbook of Bergman and Hummel does not mention May 8 and 9, 1945 at all. Only the events preceding these days are described, which immediately pass to the post-war structure of Germany and Europe. But our marshals of the USSR note that a strict decree from the Headquarters of the Supreme High Command followed, so that the capital of Austria – Vienna – was taken in a gentle manner. So tens of thousands of soldiers of the Red Army died, not daring to fire at the monuments of antiquity in Austria, where the Nazis settled, with large-caliber guns.

And in the new Austria, in the history books, they did not focus on the fact that Vienna took part in the war on the side of Hitler. “The capture of German territory for the Allied tank forces was not difficult” (not a word about the Red Army).

True, all Western history books for kids like to remember that Hitler and his wife Eva Braun committed suicide. The same textbook in Bulgaria, for some reason not in the Bulgarian edition, but in the authorship of Bershtein and Mills, for some reason combined the failed American offensive in the Ardennes at the end of 1944 and the victorious one in Hungary. Not a word about who signed the surrender in Berlin. Just allies. But the king in Bulgaria was from the Germans!

Our beloved Balts wrote simply: “As a result of the war, Latvia again fell under the Soviet occupation yoke.”

This is probably why, as soon as the “yoke” flew off, half of the population of the Baltic states fled in search of work in the EU or Russia.

World War II Accomplishments – Israel and the Bombing of the Japanese

Poles are Poles. Until now, they are trying to beg for some reparations. Now from Germany, then from Russia. Wait, Kyiv is next. If a Pole appeared a hundred years ago in Papua New Guinea, his descendants would also demand a bottle of beer from the Papuans.

It is clear that in the light of current politics, Polish new historians have settled on the fact that the act of surrender of Germany was signed on March 8, 1945 at the Villa Karlhorst near Berlin by Field Marshal Keitel. True, without mentioning Marshal Zhukov and other generals of the Red Army.

On the other hand, Polish children now know that as early as 1945, confusion began in the relations of the allies. The USSR on the one hand, the USA and England on the other. And the newer textbooks of Polish schools generally cast doubt on the liberation of Warsaw by the Red Army. And I understand them. When on the cover of a history textbook there is a profile of a Russophobe and dictator Pilsudski, who was fed by the secret services of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, there can be only one answer in exams. It is clear that not in favor of Russia.

In the USA, our Victory Day, in general, is not celebrated. Yes, they have Victory Day on May 8th. But the main holiday is at the end of May: the day of remembrance, when all those who died in the war are remembered.

True, American textbooks believe that World War II ended with the death of Hitler and the American atomic bombing of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And quite rightly, the children there are told that

“The Second World War played a big role in shaping the new world. Great Britain lost its empire, and the United States gained strength. The State of Israel and the atomic bomb were created, there was a division between East and West.”

Author Sergey Lebedev

Sergei Valentinovich Lebedev is a freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru