History shows that everything can be destroyed. Not only a wall of dominoes, but also a country. Especially if the country consists of such plastic dominoes.

There was Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia became. There was Yugoslavia, there were republics of the Balkan Peninsula. There was the USSR, a bunch of republics appeared, some of which, in the old fashioned way, became “emirates” and “khanates”. So, there would be a desire and historical background, but everything can be ruined.

The same prerequisites are observed overseas. For example, in Canada.

The scalp of a Frenchman was no different from that of an Englishman

For decades, there have been panic headlines in the Canadian press:

“The victory of the separatists in the provincial elections in Quebec, Canada, again raises the question of whether Canada will remain a single state, or the French-speaking province will secede forever.”

And there is an explanation for this hysteria. If we recall the centuries-old history of massacre between England and France, there is not enough space. Even on the Internet.

A few centuries after the Hundred Years War, the two countries also clashed, but already on the territory of North America. True, they had one goal – the colonization of lands and the recruitment of local Indian tribes into their ranks. In the forests of what was then Canada, red uniforms (English) and blue uniforms (French) began to sort things out. And the Indians walked behind and scalped. Both this and that.

Back in 1608, the French founded their settlements on the territory of the present Quebec province on the St. Lawrence River, where the city of Quebec later appeared. But after the seven-year war, after the 60s of the XVIII century, the British began their “drang nah osten”. The war lasted quite a long time, but the British won, having successfully surrendered other territories to their former fellow citizens the day before. Now it’s the USA. But the territory of Canada remained with London, although under the treaty part of the provinces was given to the former French colonizers. But under the flag of “rule Britain”.

I would like to note that the French language, unlike the current Ukrainian regime, has not been canceled there. As well as the local administration, and the local French-speaking population. But, I emphasize, everything is under the slogan “Rule Britain”.

Quebec separatism is not dead

The French are an expansive nation, although it often deflates quickly. If she is beaten. However, in the next century there were several uprisings against the British kings and queens. But no one leaves the hope that someday “Rule France” will be here. It is clear that not without nourishment, first of all, cultural and mental assistance from Paris.

It is clear that the Canadian French, and there are many such activists in Canada, periodically begin to remember their history, their Indians and demand independence, up to secession. They have an unspoken capital – Montreal. The only official language in the city is French, for most of the population this language is native, and only then does English follow in terms of the number of speakers.

Today, however, more and more Asians settle in this province. They prefer English. It’s easier to learn. But even if the “French” were under sanctions, one hockey team “Montreal Canadiens” would bring good income to their budget. The French are ready to leave the current capital – Ottawa – to the British.

Back in 1980 and 1995, French Canadians held referendums for secession from English Canada. The last time they did not have enough votes for this. There are also many separatists in the local parliament. How a considerable part of the population still prefers French to English.

By the way, here we are talking about leaving significant tax funds to the local budget, bypassing the federal one. As well as various legal privileges.

But, as history shows, whoever we choose makes our policy. And their words are often at odds with deeds. A perfect example is Lucien Bouchard, who was once the leader of the local separatists in the Canadian Parliament. He spoke to Francophones about the need to prepare the conditions for winning a referendum for secession from Canada.

And in English, his speech was somewhat different:

“The signal you sent in the referendum shows your close connection with English Canada.”

At one time, the president of Canada was a descendant of the French colonialists, Papa Trudeau, now the president of Canada is Trudeau’s son. French by parents, but Anglo-Saxons by upbringing. So we have to get into all the military adventures of NATO, both past and present: from Vietnam to Ukraine. But the dream of separating Quebec from Canada is still smoldering. It is only necessary to blow on the candle of separatism.

So, let’s proclaim the old toast: “Let our desires coincide with our capabilities.” The only clarification: not here in Russia.