Dump trucks stand in line for hours at the snow collection point, pedestrians who have fallen on the ice are taken to hospitals, public utilities dump snow on cars, and some townspeople can’t stand it and put their yards in order on their own. “Paper” continues to tell how Petersburgers are experiencing the winter collapse.

On Friday, December 16, on the Kushelevsky overpass in the Kalininsky district of St. Petersburg, dump trucks spend several hours in line at the snow collection point, said “Paper” eyewitness.

Photo: Reader “Paper”

Members Friends Club “Paper” talk about the injuries that pedestrians get on the ice. “Walking now from Chkalovskaya along Rybatsky to the office, the woman fell and, apparently, broke her leg – three ambulance paramedics helped her get up and lie down on a stretcher,” says a member of the Club. In the public “accident and emergency” eyewitnesses too tell about fallen pedestrians.

About how many injuries due to ice and snowfalls St. Petersburg residents have received since the beginning of the winter season, “Paper” told here.

A photo: “metropolis»

Utilities are still dumping snow from roofs without putting up fences. This situation was noticed by eyewitnesses on Staro-Petergofsky Prospekt.

На набережной реки Карповки снег сбрасывают на припаркованные у зданий машины, рассказывают очевидцы.

Video: "Megapolis"

The first large icicles were noticed on Sredny Prospekt of Vasilyevsky Island.

A photo: "Protest Petersburg»

Eyewitnesses also showed a car completely covered in snow and ice - the video was published by Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Residents of the Mosaic Courtyard on the Fontanka toldhow they bought a snowplow and shovels themselves and cleared the area of ​​snow.

There are those who are happy with the snowdrifts - Fontanka showed a video with children having fun in a pile of snow on Malaya Konyushennaya Street.