Clash of the Stars, which focuses on somewhat bizarre influencers and celebrities, hosted its first gala run in January this year. The main pull of the tournament was the Youtuber Wolf MarkaDatla Valka and rapper Dominika Vyaty alias Vercetti. According to our information, the first nominee, who evenly won the points, scored in 15 minutes in a cage!

The woodpecker received 300 thousand crowns for the first return. His opponent had almost 200 thousand, informed the source of Express, you just did not pay the name.

The war is just presented as the biggest star of the organization, a kind of return in June. He will face rival Freescoot at the crack of Krlovec.

This time Datel said about a million, but he will get only 320 thousand. Freescoot has a similar pension as Vercetti,continues the Express informant, who also has access to rewards for remuneration.

Stare down Datla and Freescoot

According to our source, the controversial bodybuilder Filip Grznr and the star of the TV tub channel TVTwixxDaniel Sonnleitner will also get a payday of less than 100,000, but he lost his first match in the first round.

I will not comment specifically, ekl Expresu f Clash of the Stars a bval skvl zpasnk Tom Linh Le Sy.

Many influences, such as Huhu and Psycho Michal, have to receive tens of thousands of rewards. Even so, it is a very sunny day, when we take into account how the spikes of MMA rescuers on the domestic scene are paid.

The elite beater of the Octagon SamuelPirt Kritofi, for example, posted on the social stand that he received an offer of 5 thousand euros from the promoter Ondej Novotnho (123 thousand crowns, editor’s note) for the boxing match with the front Czech tracker MiloMeloun Petrek.

Slovk Kritofi s fem Oktagonu Ondej Novotnm

The duel will take place in the sold-out crack of O2 arn at one of the biggest tournaments of the year. The gold medal of the galaveera is a long-awaited duel between Carlos Vmola and rapper Marpa.

Professionals take it hard, according to the promoter, it’s okay

According to the source of Express, which has strong contacts on the Czech MMA scene, the domestic savior does not make money on large pensions and, compared to the changing influencers, acts as a poor relative.