The main characters of the main winter holiday will be Santa Claus and his colleagues.

Photo: Grandfather Frost’s patrimony Veliky Ustyug, VKontakte

In such a large country as Russia, not only Grandfather Frost congratulates residents on the holiday, but also other New Year’s wizards who live in the republics and territories.

In Veliky Ustyug of the Vologda region lives the most famous of the wizards – Santa Claus, whose image goes back to the saint revered in Russia – Nicholas the Wonderworker. However, the most famous grandfather became the main character of the holiday quite recently. In 1935, the Pravda newspaper published an article in which it was proposed to organize a holiday for children in honor of the New Year. Since that time, not a single New Year’s celebration is complete without the participation of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden.

In Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, Kysh Babai congratulates everyone on the New Year. He wears a blue caftan and a furry skullcap and lives in the village of Yana Kyrlai in the Arsk region of Tatarstan. The meeting of the New Year – Nardugan – in the old days lasted from December 21 to January 1. It was Kysh Babai who was responsible for her.

Yakutia has its own Grandfather Frost – Ehee Dyyl. You can recognize him by his blue fur coat, which is decorated with precious rhinestones, glass beads and beads, as well as a special hat with long horns. Ehee Dyyl lives in the Oymyakonsky ulus, in the village of Oymyakon, where in winter the temperature drops to minus 72 degrees. In general, there are two Santa Clauses in Yakutia – good and evil, whose name is Chyskaan. The image of a kind grandfather was invented by the author of works for children, Doctor of Biological Sciences Gavril Ugarov. The granddaughter of the Yakut grandfather is called Kharchaana.

Sagaan Ubugun lives in Ula-Ude. It is he who congratulates the inhabitants of Buryatia and Kalmykia on the New Year. Interestingly, this grandfather, also known as the White Elder, is officially part of the Buddhist pantheon and is believed to have met Buddha Shanyamuni. New Year in Buryatia is celebrated according to the lunar calendar

In Karelia, the main character of the New Year is Pakkaine. He is not old at all, this is a guy who lives in the city of Olonets. “Pakkaine” is translated into Russian as “frost”. Yamal Iri is the Father Frost of the Nenets. He lives in the village of Gornoknyazevsk, Priuralsky District, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

This image was created by children who invented for him a staff and a tambourine made of deer skin, the sounds of which drive away evil spirits. Udmurtia is the birthplace of Tol Babai in a purple fur coat and with a crooked staff. Instead of a gift bag, he has a birch bark box. In Mordovia, a holiday is not complete without its own magician. His name is Yakshamo Atya.

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