Dozens of people were injured in St. Petersburg due to ice and snowfall since the beginning of winter, found out “Paper”.

Research Institute Dzhanelidze. As reported “Paper” at the Janelidze Research Institute for Emergency Medicine, since the beginning of December, an average of 25 people have been admitted to the emergency room every day. “People are given splints, gypsum and released for outpatient treatment,” they said. “Paper” in the institution. As of December 15, there are nine people in the traumatological hospital.

The current number of citizens arriving with injuries is normal for the winter season, they said “Paper” at the Dzhanelidze Research Institute. Last winter, there were “much more” injured – then even a urological department was allocated for injuries in addition to two trauma departments.

This information is confirmed by the news of that period. In January at the Janelidze Research Institute reported about 30-50 Petersburgers delivered with injuries daily, half of this number had to be hospitalized.

In January, about 400 Petersburgers were hospitalized with serious fractures. At the same time, even with such values, traumatologists spokethat the figures for the beginning of 2022 differ little from those of previous seasons.

Other data. At the Elizabethan Hospital “Paper” reported that since the beginning of December, 642 people had been admitted to them with injuries, but only in 32 cases the injury was associated with black ice, all the remaining 610 injuries were not related to weather conditions.

Fontanka on December 13, citing its sources informed, that since the beginning of the month, “winter” injuries have been recorded in 327 people, of which a record 59 on December 12. Since December 4, less than 17 cases of injury per day have not been recorded in the city. writes the publication.

“Paper” asked for ice and snow injury statistics from the health committee and the city’s ambulance station, but they both replied that they did not keep such calculations.