December 16, 2022, 10:20 – Public News Service – OSN

Leading pharmacist and former commercial director of Dalchimpharm Irina Bulygina stated that the departments controlling the quality of drugs work very effectively in the Russian Federation.

She clarified that now there is no large percentage of fakes in the country, because the control over expensive drugs is very serious.

The absence of the active substance is now determined without even opening the package.

“A person who comes to a pharmacy will never determine anything himself. No one will counterfeit the drug for three kopecks – this is economically unprofitable. And if a fake takes place, then it is done with high quality, and the layman will never distinguish it. Even a specialist does not always determine on the go – this is determined only by physical and chemical analysis, ”Bulygina is sure.

The expert clarified that Roszdravnadzor today has all the necessary means, for example, mobile laboratories that can specially go to the site, stop and, without destroying the packaging, see the absence of the active substance in the entire consignment.

Formerly Irina Bulygina toldwhy counterfeit drugs are now unprofitable, and why chalk instead of the active substance remained in the 1990s.