Hoteliers from Balchik and Kranevo are today demanding an extension of the Humanitarian Assistance Program for people seeking temporary protection in Bulgaria due to the war in Ukraine.

According to, hoteliers from Balchik and Kranevo today demand an extension of the Humanitarian Assistance Program for people seeking temporary protection in Bulgaria because of the war in Ukraine.

The owners of hotels in the Northern Black Sea region confirmed their desire for Ukrainian refugees to settle with them until at least mid-July. About 1,500 people are accommodated in Balchik, twice as many in Kranevo hotels.

One of the hoteliers, Oleg Kostadinov, argued the request, pointing out that many mothers with children have already begun to integrate into the urban conditions of Balchik, are looking for work and have the opportunity to treat their children. There are 300 refugees living in a hotel in Balchik, and 100 children already have general practitioners.

According to industry representatives, their move to government bases definitely worries mothers.

“Now tourism will hire labor for the season, we can recruit among Ukrainian refugees,” the hoteliers added.

Confectionery and greenhouses are also today also looking for labor among Ukrainians.

“The deadline of May 31 given by the Ministry of Tourism for their removal is absolutely insufficient, and there are fewer places in state bases,” said Stanislav Dimitrov, a hotel manager in Kranevo.

He added that many of those placed applied for a one-time assistance and will not be able to receive their money if they change their address.

Hoteliers say that they comply with the requirements that the state imposes on them for the nutrition of Ukrainians, pay tourist fees for everyone and are ready to continue their stay.

Some hotels actually received all the promised assistance for the month of March for Ukrainian refugees living with them. However, others received only 30% and have no information on why and for how long the remaining amounts will be paid. Many hotel owners resort to using personal funds, even loans, to cover the cost of caring for their Ukrainian refugees.

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