The patients who are hospitalized in the Hranice hospital are now unable to reach their loved ones.

He was recommended by the regional hygiene station, justified the move by Michaela Sobkov from the hospital’s secretary, who was also required to wear a respirator and hand gloves.

The number of people infected with the coronavirus in the region has risen. In the last week there were 836, and two weeks later there were 769 new cases.

Some departments of hospitals in Prostjov, Perov and Turnberka also banned Nvtvy.

At the moment, damage is being done in the Prostijov hospital to intern A, surgery B, neurological and infectious departments. There is an internal department in both the Perov and Turnber hospitals, summarized Adam Knesl, speaking for the Agel company, which runs the three medical facilities.

All staff and patients must have respirators

The Olomouc Faculty Hospital, which is the largest in the region, has not yet joined the limited nvtv. She introduced no preventive measures.

From August 1, visits to medical wards are only allowed with a FFP2 respirator on. The respirator used by the patients and their companions in the ambulatory operation is then externally led by individual workers, said Adam Fritscher, according to whom people should live in this way by visiting their sick neighbor.

Even the hospital in Umperka decided to take several preventive measures.

N staff wear respirators and we also require respiratory protection in the form of gloves or a respirator for patients. At the same time, we decided, also on the recommendation of the head of hygienist R, to regulate nvtvy. We have limited the opening hours to between 2 and 4 p.m., said hospital spokesperson Hana Hanke.

In addition, a maximum of two people are allowed to visit one patient at the same time, for a maximum of twenty minutes. A respirator must be worn in the patient’s wards at all times.

In hospitals le with covid units people

According to some experts, the current wave of cases is at its peak and the number of new cases should begin to decrease in the near future. He gave an impressive number of epidemiologists and in the fall.

The hospital only registers in the unit cases of people with covid requiring hospitalization. Most of them are in the Prostjovsk hospital. Currently, eleven patients with covid are hospitalized, all of them are under the care of nurses in the infectious disease ward. Not a single patient requires intensive care in the ICU, Knesl said.

Another eight people were taken to Lv Perovsk hospital, those in Turnbersk and two in Jesenick. The University Hospital in Olomouc then registers nine hospitalized patients.

After this, the patient is constantly moving in units of fall, noted Fritscher.

It is the same in the Umper hospital, where five people are currently infected with covid.

those require standard care, one is hospitalized in the intensive care unit, Hanke said.

I eat a strengthening iron frame

Despite the summer covid waves in the Olomouc region, there is still little to do with the shackles. For example, on Monday, 95 people were vaccinated in the region with the fourth dose, and in the last week there were a total of 1,149 of them.

Last week, 151 people were vaccinated with the fourth dose, a day later 80, said the Fritscher Faculty Hospital. I’m asking for the first one, and the second one, according to him, is absolutely minimal.

How it is in small hospitals, illustrate the sla from Hranice, where about eight hundred patients are admitted for the fourth time a week.

People can come here from the 18th of April, but no reservation is necessary in the educational centers. As of Monday, August 15, the central reservation system is to be relaunched, and on the same day, a comprehensive campaign that can support the chain will start.