Honored Pilot of Russia revealed the cause of aircraft breakdowns in the country

Flight delays and malfunctions of passenger aircraft in Russia often associated with the climatic and geographical conditions of the country. The cause of airliner breakdowns is conversation Honored Military Pilot of the Russian Federation revealed with Vladimir Popov.

“Winter is a very difficult period for aviation,” he noted. “Negative temperatures affect the speed at which technical staff service aircraft at airports, at least because specialists become less mobile during this period—the abundance of clothing hampers their movements.”

Moreover, according to the pilot, one should not forget that in winter it is mandatory to treat with anti-icing fluid. “There is precipitation, there is no precipitation, there are indications, there are no indications – it is advisable to do this,” he added. “There have been cases when the crew refused processing for reasons of economy or other reasons, and this ended in failure.”

Popov recalled that in April 2012, an ATR 72-201 UTair aircraft flew from Tyumen V Surgut and a few minutes after takeoff crashed to the ground. The pilot emphasized that the crash of the aircraft was caused, among other things, by icing of the stabilizer.

Earlier, on the plane of the Russian airline “Azimut” announced alarm signal in the air. An unexpected situation occurred with a plane flying from Ufa V Omsk. The aircraft had to return to the airport of departure due to cabin depressurization.

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