The biggest celebrities of hollywood, have once again excluded the prince harry and his wife Meghan Markle of the most important celebrations in the middle.

Recently, the married couple was excluded from a media event, which was attended by the most relevant entertainment celebrities. Apparently because of the controversies in which they have been involved after his resignation from the British monarchy, and the publication of the prince’s book.

After several months of being among the first news on different covers, the Dukes of Sussex They have decided to take a step back from the cameras and social networks, worrying the British people about their notorious disappearance, especially that of the actress Meghan Markle.

The 69th birthday of Oprah Winfreyone of the most beloved and valuable presenters of hollywoodwould have been the perfect opportunity for the prince harry and Meghan Markle reappeared publicly, but due to the multitude of controversies generated in their environment they have preferred not to risk it.

A close source pointed out that the most correct thing is for the dukes to remain anonymous until the coronation of the King Charles IIIbut also admitted that some celebrities have distanced themselves from the couple, since they could be involved in the disputes.

«They both know, like all of us, that the big problem is the next coronation. Neither Harry nor Meghan can really risk further damage. Your long-term prospects and your entire relevance are at stake.“, the source affirmed to Fox News Digital.

For now the British people will not be able to count on the presence of the dukes, but the great day of the coronation of the King Charles III to find out what direction the controversial family will take.