Recently, a prestigious entertainment medium would have assured that the famous actor Tom Cruise He is extremely interested in the Colombian singer Shakira. After all the controversy caused by the separation of the Colombian artist and the former soccer player Gerard Piquénow the media would be spreading the rumor that Shakira could be talking to Tom Cruise for a few days.

After the actor Tom Cruise and the interpreter of “waka waka»were seen and photographed together at the Formula 1 event in Miami last weekend, rumors of a possible love affair between the two celebrities went viral. «He is extremely interested in her«. An exclusive source recounted for ‘page six‘, «You feel the chemistry between the two» assures the source that provided the information.

Currently, the 60-year-old American actor is single, and Shakira, who would have separated from her ex-partner Gerard Piqué for the infidelity that he would have committed with Clara Chia Martiyou could be ready for your next love affair.

«Shakira needs a soft pillow to fall on, and it could be Tom“Recounted the source of ‘Page Six’, adding that Tom has the plus of being an actor prestigiousvery handsome and with a lot talent. The truth is that all this could not be verified as something true, or if the artist is only a very good friend of the actor.

Many of his followers have commented that they would do very good couplesince both are not only single, but also have a extraordinary talent in different areas of entertainment.