Even when he was rolling on the ice, he commanded respect and had a reputation as a fighter and tough guy. In his private life, however, hockey striker Radek Duda (43) was an exemplary and loving husband. But that’s over. The former representative admitted that he quietly divorced his love of life Carolina.

Until recently Radek Duda he filled his instagram profile with photographs in love with his wife, Karolína, and there was no indication that they had relationship problems. There have even been reports in the hockey world that the famous tough guy and battleship Duda has become a typical pantyhose alongside a beautiful blonde.

“He listens to his wife,” a friend from Radek’s neighborhood, who did not want to be named, recently told us.

The perfect marriage that gave rise to two beautiful children has recently failed. The former hockey national team confirmed this in the podium Bombs to the Pole.

“I divorced my wife, tthis harlequin will not continue, “ said Duda, who has a championship title with Prague’s Slavia and now trains the young hopes of Czech hockey.

He had to fight for her, there were a lot of wolfhounds

It has not been long since Radek Duda publicly described how he had to fight for the beautiful Carolina years ago. They met at a concert by the band Backstreet Boys, the hockey player was assigned at the time, but he still decided to pack a handsome blonde.

Radek Duda and Karolína at a time when it worked out for them.

For a while, Duda was only in the so-called “friendzone”, but over time, the spark jumped on the other side, followed by a romantic wedding in Tuscany.

“I had to fight for her because there were a lot of wolfhounds around her,” Duda admitted years ago in an interview with the daily Sport.