Vladimir Putin instructed to work out the unification of the two courses after a meeting with historians and representatives of traditional religions.

Work out the issue of combining the school courses “History of Russia” and “General History” – such an item is indicated in the list instructions President following a meeting with historians and representatives of traditional religions.

It is also indicated that the integration of courses will be carried out by the Ministry of Education together with the interdepartmental commission on historical education, the Russian Historical Society association and the commission of the State Council of the Russian Federation in the direction of “Education”.

Formerly online edition “Teacher’s newspaper” told that a course on the history of religions in Russia may appear in universities. This is also mentioned in the list of instructions of the President.

The Ministry of Education and other responsible departments must submit a report with a developed plan for the implementation of the new course by March 15, 2023. It should be prepared by Minister of Science and Higher Education Valery Falkov, presidential aide Vladimir Medinsky, head of the Foreign Intelligence Service and chairman of the Russian Historical Society Sergei Naryshkin.

In addition, earlier from the Minister of Education Sergey Kravtsov became known on the preparation of unified programs in history. He stressed that everything will be done to ensure that the focus of the history course is on Russia and its achievements.

Message “History of Russia” and “General History” will be taught in Russian schools in one course first appeared on Teacher’s newspaper.