The prince harry He continues with his controversial statements, and this time he admits that all the acts he has carried out undoubtedly have to do with an act committed by his two parents, Princess Diana and King Carlos III.

The Duke of Sussex also declared that it was not a feeling that only he felt, his mother, the remembered Princess Diana he also lacked and suffered for the same fact.

Some media and the British people claim that he is only hiding his controversial actions in this fact to generate some pity, and that they can excuse him for creating a furor.

The British people who evidenced the love story of the King Charles III and the Princess Dianahe was able to notice that it was a sad and empty love, and that Princess Diana had to live with constant depression due to difficult moments, but that with her love, in quotes, the four of them were able to continue with life.

«I was too young, I think, to suspect anything, although I couldn’t help noticing the lack of stability, the absence of affection and family love in our home.“said the prince.

The prince harry I testify in his memoirs that it was terrifying for him and his brother to live without the absence of their mother, after the accident that took his life, and then to understand that his father had not cared about the death of his “beloved”, and he already had to hide with his relationship with the Queen CamillaIt was devastating, and he admitted that his father never imagined the damage he was doing, and that the lack of family unity would work against him in the future.

He also clarified that today many of his actions are the consequence of a love shortage and abundance of solitude, for this reason, by letting his thoughts go free, he has felt at peace, since he feels that the weight he was carrying has gradually eased.