So far, Mr. Petr Z. from Mladá Boleslav has heated up his family house with a gas boiler. We have been thinking about the change for a long time, the gas boiler has reached the end of its service life, and given that the situation on the energy market is currently uncertain, we decided on the ground / water heat pump as the most efficient and best alternative, he explains.

Thanks to the borehole, from which the pump will take heat from the depths below the surface of the ground, the most controversial will be achieved. The downside is the high purchase price of the well compared to other alternatives and so accidents for all types are based. Necessity is therefore geological research and construction permits.

Mr. Petr and his wife did not look back. When they invested in the breath of hundreds of thousands, they simply wanted the best. Pestoe do not get sttu subsidies. I have two of them in the long run and I want the new system to last me for two generations. Therefore, I also evaluated the quality check, reviews and service provided, add.

Tenfold nrst demand

The rocket number of demand for heat pumps is confirmed by the CEO of IVT Heat Pumps Marek Blha, only the cadon will install over 2,000 of them.

The demand for heat pumps has been growing for a long time and in the autumn, due to energy prices, the leaps have increased not only in the US, but practically in the whole of Europe. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there was a rather dramatic leap in demand, and demand is almost tenfold compared to the spring spring, Blha told

Last April, we handled about 30 inquiries a day, and this year it turned out to be over 200 in some days, adding that these are mainly family houses. The waiting time for a heat pump is now at his company at least five months, but at a very high level, Blha assumes that the customer will go longer. In the case of photovoltaics, the situation is on the mountain market and lasts for a year.

I gave companies confirm meziron nrst demand by percentage plates. We have the number of orders up to 50 percent compared to last year, confirmed the trend for TK CEO MasterTherm Ji Svoboda. In the last few months, the interest in heat pumps and photovoltaic installations is enormous, approved by the owner of Malina Group Cyril Regner.

Aunt’s consumption

Jaromr from Zlnsko recently decided to replace the solid fuel boiler and the gas type with a heat pump. I considered the change for a long time, I did not want to invest in a new gas boiler due to high prices and so I did not want uncertainty about deliveries in the future. The heat pump with the borehole was not suitable due to the local location, so we opted for an air / water pump in combination with solar panels, he described.

The installation from the Ostrava company is about a year ago, it should be done just before the end of the heating season. Jaromr estimates the total costs at 750 thousand crowns, hoping that half of the high investment could be obtained from the subsidized program. Return on ova in 10 years, life in about 25 years. Compared to the current gas heating costs, the dispute is about half, then.

According to the new energy expert Vlav Skoblek, the energy consumption for heat production in heat pumps is roughly tetinus compared to the use of gas or electric boilers.

According to Blha, it pays to invest in the most controversial types, even if they are expensive. It does not make sense to buy a prize of crowns cheaper heat pump, and then for years to pay for you to consume quite a lot of electricity. The people are also aware of this, and there is a growing interest in ground / water heat pumps, which are highly controversial than the popular air pumps, he said. The difference in the purchase price of a fortune is about one hundred thousand crowns.

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Family house, heated by a gas boiler for 10 years

  • Ron gas consumption 25 MWh, just for heating, no water heating and bath
  • The owner has a tariff for an indefinite period for 2500 K / MWh
  • Pay 62,000 crowns for heating
  • When switching to a heat pump and therefore a suitable tariff, there may be a dispute for heating 24 thousand
  • The assumption is that the pump will only heat and is not in combination with solar panels, when the dispute is you

Source: EZ group

The subsidy is the volume, the contribution contributes thousands

The people are committed to high investments for disputes and subsidies. In recent months, we have recorded a huge interest in subsidies from the New Green Dispute program. We launched a new round last June and the interest is still growing, specifically the rising wave of interest, especially in photovoltaic systems and heat pumps, confirmed the trend Ondej Charvt from the Ministry of the Environment.

We are registering more than 10 thousand enough for photovoltaic systems this year, while for the whole year it was 11 thousand. There is even more to the heat pumps this year than last year, darkest thousand, says Charvt.

In the first three months of this year alone, a total of 18,000 people applied for support from the New Green Paper, which is more than 70 percent of the volume for the whole of the year.

This year, the ministry even increased its contribution to heat pumps by 50 thousand to a maximum of 180 thousand crowns. For many households, the bag is still a high investment that they cannot afford. The resort is preparing a simplified New Green Sporm Light program for households with them. The pilot call will have a budget of one billion crowns, which will cover about 15,000 long renovations. About sputn program resort jet jedn.

The program has small measures, such as insulated roofs, floors and selected perimeter walls or replacement of windows and two. People should simply give their pensions without a complicated document. The subsidy will be calculated according to meters of insulated windows or two windows and two for the collection of invoices, presented the program of the Minister of the Environment Anna Hubkov.