korean singer Kim Seok-jinbetter known as Jin of btsrecently announced the release of his new song ¨The Astronaut¨ which would be heard for the first time October 28 of the present year.

The artist of k pop referred to the release of his song saying that he would travel to Buenos Aires, in order to launch their musical theme for the first time live in that country together with the group Coldplay.

The superstar of k pop and member of the famous group btsdebuts for the first time as a soloist presenting his song before performing his compulsory military service of 2 years, and he hopes that for this theme his fans can remember him for when he returns to the 2025.

After long weeks in uncertainty finally Jin He releases his song in solo and physical album format, so that his fans can already enjoy his new song.

However, what many fans did not expect from the song that is already at #7 on Youtube most seen, was the message that the artist had to deliver to ARMY before your departure.

In the video of the song it is seen as a spaceship that collapses on earth, it brings an alien in charge that does not find where to continue on its journey, so it tries to continue and in the middle of the way it finds people until it he realizes that these people are his home and happy place, for which he does not decide to leave again, but settles down on earth because he feels loved here. And it is certainly a message from Jin a ARMY to describe how you feel when you are with them. The moved fans have done nothing but try to rank the video on the platform YouTube, Twitter among other.

As if that were not enough, and as has been seen the members of BTS always try to be inclusive and they have done it in their various videos, this time Jin was no exception.

The artist appears in the video with a neck tattoo of some black dots, for which he would be inspired by those people who use the braille writing systemso it shows that they are very complete artists, who are always giving their best for all their fans.

This is the video of the K-Pop star’s new song.