“Her favorite clothes are microbikinis” The girlfriend of the new president of Argentina loves revealing images. What is known about her?

Today libertarian candidate Javier Miley won in the presidential elections in Argentina. The politician attracted public attention not only for his extreme populism and radical statements about feminism, but also for his personal life. His chosen one was 42-year-old Fatima Flores (real name Fatima Eugenia Flores), a comedian, actress and big fan of bikinis, who in the past gained wide popularity in the country thanks to a parody of the Vice President of Argentina Christina Fernandez de Kirchner. Who is she and how did she meet the future president?

Fatima Flores suffered from anorexia as a child.

Flores was born on February 3, 1981 in the city of Vicent Lopez Partido – province Buenos Aires. Her father was an architect, and her mother was a geography teacher. As a child, Flores played hockey, but in her teens she had to leave the sport due to developing anorexia. In one of the interviews she toldthat the disease had a profound impact on her life.

When I looked at myself in the mirror, I did not see reality. I lied to everyone that I ate. I started having hormonal problems and weighed just over 40 kilograms. Then the doctors realized that I was not eating anything. My self-esteem was at rock bottom

Fatima Flores

According to the TV star herself, the Bible helped her cope with her illness. Through reading the holy book, she began to love herself more and accept her body.

Flores became famous thanks to her ex-husband, a producer.

At school, Flores was a diligent student and never tried to attract undue attention to herself. Everything changed when she began to imitate teacher Norma Kaufman, who wrote on the blackboard wearing gloves due to an allergy to chalk and at the same time had a special way of speaking. Having accidentally discovered her talent for comedy, the future star decided to realize her creative potential in acting and singing. Already at the age of 17, she joined the theater troupe of the Argentine musician Pepe Cibrian Campoy, where for two years she acted as a choreographic assistant dancer in such famous productions as “The Hunchback of Paris,” “Dracula” and “King David.”

Her ex-husband, producer Norberto Marcos, played a major role in the development of Flores’s career. It was he who advised her not to perform under her real name Evgeniya and accompanied her on all major theater tours. Marcos believed that sooner or later she would become a real star. His expectations were justified when Peru she appeared on stage with the famous actor Jorge Corona, who claimedthat “women are not funny.” Then, in the middle of the performance, the electricity in the hall went out, and Marcos suggested that Flores take a flashlight and present her repertoire.

They say comedians are very serious, but I like to bring humor to every situation. How it happened in Peru. He [Норберто Маркос] told me: "It’s your business and you should use it.". From that moment my career began

Fatima Flores

Flores became famous for her love of candid photo shoots

As often happens with modern influencers, Flores won the love of Argentines not only with her acting work, but also with numerous candid shootings. The media called her “the main bikini lover” – on the blogger’s Instagram account (social network is prohibited in RF; belongs to the Meta corporation, which is recognized as extremist in Russia and is banned) there are many pictures in multi-colored swimsuits and short dresses with deep necklines.



subscribers follow Flores on social networks

At the same time, Flores prefers not to share photos with her lover – there is not a single confirmation of her high-profile romance on the celebrity’s page. Parodist more than once admitted in an interview that he does not like to show off his personal life, despite his popularity.

The romance between Flores and the future President of Argentina began in August

Flores and Miley first met in early December 2022 on the author’s television program of actress Mirta Legrand. Then they began to show each other signs of attention – with compliments and gentle touches. And a few months later, in August 2023, Argentine journalist Marina Calabro did official statement about their romance.

We spoke with both parties and both confirmed the information to us. During the confession, both instantly turned white. We confirm that the couple has formed: Javier Miley and Fatima Flores have been together for 45 days

Marina Calabro


Fatima Flores and Javier Miley. Photo: Ramiro Souto/AP

At the same time, the politician and the actress herself did not confirm rumors about their romantic relationship. But this does not prevent the couple from regularly appearing in public, not particularly hiding their feelings from the annoying paparazzi. And yet, it is still unclear whether Flores will become a real first lady or will remain in the shadows as just the beloved of the newly-minted president.

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