popular british actor henry cavill would be debuting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe As the captain britain in the next movie Captain America: New World To lose. This revelation has been made through a rumor that has quickly gone viral on social networks.

When news broke that Henry Cavill had been officially fired from his starring role as Superman and the entire Universe DC Cinematic, The public and social networks began to wonder what fate the actor would take.

Cavill himself acknowledged that he cried when he was informed of his dismissal from DC, but it seems that now he will have a new opportunity to shine on the big screen and it would be at the hands of the biggest rival of DC Comics; Marvel Studios.

As advertised on the site Giant Freakin Robot (via Geekosity), Henry Cavill could join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM) as Captain Britain in the highly anticipated film Captain America: New World Order. This was the way the media reported this news:

“Our reliable and verified sources tell us that Marvel wants Henry Cavill to play the mystical hero Brian Braddock, also known as Captain Britain. If it happens, Cavill would debut as Brian Braddock in 2024’s Captain America: New World Order.”

If materialized, we could see Henry Cavill again in a superhero role, something that millions of fans around the world wanted with his failed return in Superman.

But now, they would be ready to see him playing a role that is also a native of his own country. And as he on several occasions he has admitted Henry Cavill, he loves being british.

And you, do you expect to see Henry Cavill in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?