World renowned British actor henry cavill He has not avoided crying after confirming to his fans that he was fired from his leading role in Superman, alleging that DC Comics he plans to find another man of steel who is younger.

Fans of Henry Cavill and the cinematic universe of DC They can’t believe what’s happening right now. And it is that the British actor has been fired from his iconic character of Superman, since the production company is looking for a new and younger man of steel.

The reaction in networks has not been long in coming, where thousands of users have shown their support in these difficult moments that the actor is going through because of the news.

Despite all the support, the actor has confirmed to us in his most recent publication on his official account of Instagram, who couldn’t help crying over the news. So he urged his fans to cry right now with him.

cavill He has opened his heart like never before and has revealed that “it has not been easy” to have to accept this decision that DC has taken regarding his role. However, despite everything, the actor has wished them the best in the world and hopes that the new Superman is a success.

“The changing of the guard happens sometimes. I respect it. James and Peter have a universe to build, I wish them and everyone involved in the new universe the best of luck and the happiest of fortunes,” said the British actor.

And you, did you want to see henry cavill playing the iconic superhero?