Accelerated time puts these demands not only on performance, but also on how we look. In addition, the diet we normally consume does not contain the necessary amounts of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances. That is why more of us use nutritional cosmetics in their care routines. It is a new generation of nutritional supplements, such as vitamins, minerals and birds, which act on the outside of the body.

People are now more interested in a healthy lifestyle and living, and realize that the longest thing is really important. For example, if you get clogged, the absorption of nutrients from the diet will be impaired. That is why it has long been a slogan: healthy stevo, krsn ple, to the consultant of the development of Anna Brandejs Jana Murov.

And so it is with hair. They are very sensitive to nutritional imbalances, they also need to supply them with nutrients in the form of quality food supplements.

The results in the form of sagging skin, living hair and firm nails come very quickly with regular inoculation. The whole organism will work well, it will slow down and stiffen.

The nutritional cosmetics bag gave it a positive effect, it is not just a better look. You can experience more energy, have a fast metabolism, better durability, and even a better fastener.


Dleit vitamins for the skin

It maintains healthy skin, helps to smooth and visibly soften the hair. On the other hand, its deficit is manifested by a dry, unhealthy-looking. In addition to quality cosmetics, you can find it in carrots, peppers, milk, egg puppets, penta and broccoli.

k is so riboflavin and is suitable for the proper hydration of the skin and hair. It is a common ingredient in milk, eggs, eggs, eggs and lutes.

Dietary supplement for ki, hair and nails. Its shortage is weakened as a result. Very good time and acne. You can find it in the eyes, gossip of meat and vegetables.

Nutritional cosmetics not only to rejuvenate

If you still ask yourself if nutritional cosmetics are important, when you use quality foods, go to cosmetics and dream to follow your lifestyle, you say yes.

Without proper nutrition and care for the body, it is important to fight oxidative stress, which accelerates skin stiffness. On the contrary, when you list suitable dietary supplements along with quality cosmetics, the Incas support each other, Murov explains.

The first combination of both will ensure the best results. This is how a comprehensive rejuvenating treatment works, which contains both a concentrated anti-age feed and two packs of hydrating and rejuvenating capsules. Thanks to the patented substances, minerals and vitamins, there will be a strong anti-age effect, improved hydration and regeneration, and a smooth line and scars.

Pay attention to quality

Choosing quality and proper food supplements is really not easy. Absorbability, for example, is very important. For example, what is the difference between liposomal vitamin C and classic vitamin C? You can use liposomal in 90 percent, in contrast to classic only 20 percent. That means the rest will break out.

According to me, I prefer the use of food supplements that do not contain flavorings or preservatives, but on the contrary have high concentrations of substances. You consider the manufacturer using standardized plant extracts with anti-inflammatory effects to be two-fold. A quality dietary supplement should not be cheap either, because its development and production are simply not easy, warns Murov.

It works best together

* Nutrition cosmetics, unlike bn cosmetics uv orln. This mix of minerals, vitamins and trace elements is thus externally absorbed into the bloodstream faster than that which must penetrate several layers to and moreover, it is not possible to get to the deepest and most endangered strata.

* Cosmetic pi does not replace nutricosmetics. Yes, with long-term exposure you will have beautiful skin, healthy hair and firm nails, but definitely do not neglect your skin!

Therefore, consider the elephant during the selection, or consult him with the counselor. A large number of vitamins offer you the BetterYou logo. They are all in spray, have a great taste without sugar (they are sweetened with xylitol or fresh) and contain only 100% extracts for better absorption into the body. In addition, they are also suitable for those who have trouble swallowing tablets or sweating.

The company D-Lab is also based on the same company, which offers food supplements not only for beautiful skin, but also better durability, detox support, against excess, for pregnant women, etc. .

However, food supplements can also help you if you suffer from acne or have other con problems in addition to stiffening and declining collagen.

Collagen is for humans

Collagen for firm and beautiful skin

If you want to focus primarily on the skin, then you can try some of the types of collagen that are on the market today. Ask yourself, isn’t it just collagen that we eat from our diet? Unfortunately, it is bioavailable because it has a relatively large molecular chain and is absorbed into the body. So if you want the best possible choice, choose hydrolyzed collagen or collagen peptides. These are small bioactive molecules that are enzymatically hydrolyzed by collagen and are so much absorbed into the body.

  • It is proven that e after twelve years, one percent collagen in kadoron is lost. Which means that in thirty years you have about twenty percent and in six years even about thirty percent of me. To optimize collagen incidence is important jst vyven a zdravthanks to that, give your body the vitamins it needs.

Collagen can be given both in the form of capsules and in a water-soluble powder. If you prefer capsules, try Collagen + 11: precariously hydrolyzed collagen, patented with ceramosides and 11 bioactive substances, thanks to which they are absorbed through the thin tissue and so I can act at any time. With regular application, the skin is firmed, moisturized, improves hydration and minimizes scaling.

Collagen from Oslo Skin Lab is easy to dissolve once a day in water, a popular drink or stir in food (neutral taste). It contains only a certain hydrolyzed type I collagen, which is most suitable for skin regeneration and anti-stiffness and is thus most compatible with the human body. After two months, the appearance is firm, firm, and even the appearance of cellulite improves.

Twice with reason

  • The human body usually manages process piblin 500 1000 mg of collagen peptides per day.
  • In order for you to really see the inside of collagen, you need itvat neperuovan at least ti msce.
  • You will then achieve the best results long-term uvnm, piblin pl year and more.