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Heat in the city: on Dmitrovsky highway, an overheated fire extinguisher exploded in the trunk of a car

The heat returned to Moscow had unexpected consequences.

Although the temperature today rose only to 29 degrees, it was enough for detonation fire extinguisher in the trunk of a Skoda left in the sun. The power of the explosion was enough to break the glass and crush the frame and trunk.

An eyewitness filmed the aftermath and describes what he saw: “Everything inside is white. Judging by the fact that the cable is lying there, it has been standing for a long time. This is how fire extinguishers explode in our cars. He just warmed up, he banged from the heat.

The red balloon itself was found by a man a few meters from the car. More precisely, what was left of the balloon – it lacked about 30% of the body, and the surviving part turned out to be almost perfectly flattened.

Miraculously, at the time of the explosion, there were no people behind the car, so no one was hurt, and this turned out to be the most minor emergency to date. And the day is really restless – all on the same Dmitrovsky highway, a freight elevator with three passengers fell earlier (two of them received fractures), and in burning in the Ozone warehouse near Moscow, according to current information, one person died and 13 were injured.

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