The popular singer spoke for the first time about his personal life, ex-wife and beloved daughter.

On the air of the show “Alena, damn it”, Yaroslav Dronov, performing under the name Shaman, recalled his first steps to popularity and the times when he only dreamed of a big stage. As you know, for the first time music lovers heard about a new star in 2013, when Shaman won the audience award in Pugacheva’s Factor A project.

Shaman’s song “Let’s Get Up”, released in January 2022, made the singer a truly popular favorite. And, of course, everyone wanted to know more about the artist’s personal life. As it turned out, the singer was married and his daughter is growing up.

The artist met his wife at school. He was a young ninth grader when he fell in love with a teacher.“I am divorced, my ex-wife Marina is a teacher at a music school in Novomoskovsk. Teaches solo folk singing. We met in ninth grade. My ex-wife is six years older than me. I have a daughter. She’s eight years old. She completed first grade. Already big. Recently had a birthday. I gave her a digital piano. She goes to music school. She is great at playing. Let him get used to the good sound. She’s such a mess.” the musician revealed his most personal secret in an interview with Alena Zhigalova.

Shaman also explained why he performs under a pseudonym. The singer admitted that at first he wanted to separate his stage image from everyday life. He could not come up with a sonorous pseudonym and took advantage of the help of subscribers who convinced him to become a Shaman.

Watch the video of how Shaman sings “Let’s get up” live with the audience when his microphone failed: goosebumps!

Shaman: “Let’s get up”, the whole hall sings