Miloslav Gajdorus lives in Druby nad Doubravou. In January this year, he was eight years old. He lived a life like a newt. A graduate chemist and once the chief mill technologist in Hlinsko, he was persecuted and convicted after 1968. His traps would be published. He later wrote about democracy after the Czech Republic.

After November 89, on the other hand, he became popular and respected mayor for twelve years. After the end of the career, he began to make unusual promises. He has been researching cannabis in twenty years. His son helped him a little and tentatively.

You tried your teen and tried marijuana. J sanded him for it. He constantly explained to me that the plant has mature properties that help human health. J never smoked it, but I started to talk about it and get into the issue, Miloslav Gajdorus goes back to the past.

At that time, he suffered from a fairly strong psoriasis. He tried to make mastics and concentrates from hemp. He found out he was helping him. It is believed that the products have positive effects even in the case of cancer. Because of this, many of them consider it an arlatna.

I just said cannabis, they were all scared

Sm claimed to have approached lkae to take an interest in his products. No rush. It was obvious that they were being removed. I just said the word cannabis, they were all scared. Hemp is a thin ice, k.

Pipout, e tm kad ve drci v, e pstuje konop. However, he immediately warns that he has not yet had a day. And it does not use technical hemp, but quality Indian hemp. I tried technically, but that’s not it. Does not contain inn ltky, he explains.

In the garden I can grow the most five marijuana plants at a time. Then it’s just a change and I would defend it. I don’t risk anything, she betrays. That’s why he can only prepare a sample at home. If the product needs more, the recipient must supply the cannabis of St.

Nasum, crushed, pour in extractant, leave for ten minutes, relax and get tears. It’s as simple as a slap. It is an extraction agent, Gajdorus describes the production. Don’t go into vtch detail, it’s his know-how.

As a chemist in how to do it. It’s a casserole

It does not need special equipment for production. I put it at home, it’s just a saucepan. I’m a chemist, so how do you do it, noting that it’s hardest to get that extractant. Obas will give it to him and abroad.

According to him, the most important thing was to find out how large the concentrations are. It has been a trial and trial for many years. Today, I claim that inside cannabis is not a thing of the past. I haven’t found out in twenty years and days. What do you see about me? laughs thl vitln osmdestnk.

the life of Miloslav Gajdorus thus gave an extraordinary chapter. And I have them! In the second half of the 1960s, after a high round, he joined the spring in Hlinsko. In the company, which was ruled by a forged communist without expertise, the food industry was a strengthened reinforcement.

In 1968, he managed to co-found the Angolan Non-Party Party (KAN), and the August invasion of Soviet troops meant the end of the era. The leak was then made by phoda from the factory hall. When Gajdorus stabbed himself in the morning, he noticed that I did not see a bird’s star on the stee, a symbol of business. Someone tried to take her down, but only managed to knock her down.

He received a third condition for taking off the star

It started to heat up, and the bird ore star was only on the cardboard stee. It told me that during the day, the steel structure tied into the cardboard. If it started, deo water could flow into the sunar. So I made sure the star was liquidated. And that was the end of my time, Miloslav Gajdorus described for the Pam nroda project.

Soon the event began to blot. No matter who found out who tried to take down the star, no one called the company. And so Gaidor was punished. He was removed from the position of technologist and in 1971 he even received a third condition for taking the stars down in court. Zaloen KAN was drunk to you.

And until November 1989, he could only practice the profession. He worked, for example, in a collective farm or as a forester. After the communist regime, he was invited to the inaugural assembly of the leadership. To his surprise, he was nominated mayor of the then village.

I refused, I never had such ambitions. However, his friend Honza Martinec was very suitable for the position. He was for such a position as creature. He became the mayor and his deputy, Gajdorus recalled.

He helped bring the tree to the city

Tandem did. Among other things, the tree was commissioned to the city, and the respected employers achieved great prosperity and prosperity. The population has risen by ten percent and for the first time in history it has reached those thousands.

Gajdorus was personally involved in his favorite football. At the turn of the millennium, Drev played the division, then the largest contest in the entire Havlkobrod region.

From the post of Mayor Miloslav Gajdorus, he left in 2002, at the age of six. Since then, hemp ink has been researched.