There are about twenty companies in the world that make watches like us in small furrows with their own movements. This is a problem that we have our customers on, because we have no competition in our country, the director of the company Renata ervenk Nvltov shows with obvious pride: elegant Brussels, the famous Diplomat, the residential Orlk, the stylish Republic or the Tractor with classy curves.

Watch the characters Prim today on the back of the people who have managed to establish themselves in their field, do not lack ambition, confidence, courage. For example, kayak Josef Dostl, beauties Tana Kuchaov, biathlete Michal Krm and actor Hynek ermk.

Accuracy per thousand millimeters

In these meeting rooms among the ticking gems, it is not even wanted to know that only two floors of CNC machines work in the basement of the building, reminiscent of a shared wheel.

No, nothing is different here. Made of stainless steel logs, titanium, bronze, damasc steel, gold or platinum, the bases of the watch case and the individual parts lie badly. Own sp debts. Even the word length is exalted, when some of them are just a little in and not a grain of dust. Such a freewheel is 0.2 millimeters, store manager Ale Vernar and points to something you can’t even see.

Next to the organizer are put sets of watches of various large cogwheels, backs, wool, screws, hands and whoever, as all the drugs are called. Just to give you an idea, the least metric tube is 0.4 millimeters long.

The mechanical watch consists of 140 and 150 lengths. We have to check every set, not every hour, because we work with an accuracy of a thousand millimeters, the sales director will grind to dimensions that are beyond the reach of mortality and visibility.

777 watches with pedigree

Only here it is impossible without precise work, and this also applies to grinding and summer individual flocks. Do not be fooled that such a flyer has a volume of residential rural almari.

It doesn’t work as hard as assembling hours, but it’s very prone to diligence, even here you have to work with a magnifying glass. Such a clock case has been quiet for two hours. At the same time, there is one clumsy movement and it is devalued, according to the CEO of Elton Hodsk, which has 63 employees in Nové Město.

No, it’s not a company that could flood the Czech or Central European area with a watch with the Prim logo in the near future.

Elton hours Nov Msto nad Metuj

  • Year established 1949
  • What made the company famous: nramkov watch characters Prim
  • Where to develop goods: Poland, USA (Hawaii), Japan
  • How many people work here: 63 employees

Making watches in tens of thousands is not up to ambition. Of course, we are looking abroad, we would like to establish ourselves in the surrounding markets, but we want to remain a small, somewhat exclusive bomb, says Renata ervenk Nvltov full and so big. But we should also go far. How the company, which belongs to the holding of the Czechoslovak Group billion Michal Strnad, is full for this year, I can find out every visitor at the entrance to the factory.

There’s a board with 777 polkas on the wall: a polka, a watch with a pedigree, a piece made from the Prim Manufacture 1949 series. And Jry Cimrman said unto the people, Is not this so, Paul Paul?

One watch with a manufacturing machine is produced three times a week, about 75 percent of production is adjusted to the order, explains Ale Vernar, that there is no place here, but holy patience is a necessary part of the personal entertainment of all employees.

Malsk full size needle

Several practical examples of what looks absolutely concentric can be seen in the long ones where piglets are prepared. It is necessary to apply small graphic elements to them with the help of pad printing. clever little first color, here on the matrix, which he prints on the dial. The result of puntik maneuvers is a dozen tiny red lines that say an hour.

He gave a small canvas, which comes to the series, the size of the needle is developed. Even the hands on the watch need to be painted. We have steel hands, gold-plated, for sports watches with luminescent paint covers. They are really impressive from the steel hardening mode, the trade fair, I have an inconspicuous warning that a real connoisseur is a refugee, this is a good word for a nursery.

At the same time, the farmer with his hands could be ready to travel to the neighborhoods, to the contemporary hosts of watchmakers.

And what a glass, even that is a furnace according to the watch. Once used to be a glass of plastics, today it is made of 100% sapphire glass, Ale Vernar explains. If you swim like that in watch terminology, you will find that glass made of synthetic sapphire is extremely hard and resistant to scratching. On the Mohs hardness scale, the value m is 9, the plate nle diamond. So if you wipe the scuffles and spartaks, you can save yourself even if you move in the selected company.

Two weeks turn on the carousel

Breaking a dozen master clocks while working in the opening two, concrete, first and dust is finished holy, with them the concentration is directly tangible. Only it wants so many people to look at their hands, at least symbolically! In Elton, they said it in an Alamoun: they took an hour to a glass, a large, bright studio. For a deposit of hours created by the systematic chaos of the cross, it is no later than 6 seconds in 24 hours and 24 seconds ahead.

Some may find it inaccurate, but in reality they are a combination of a very functional movement with an exclusive perk, but Ale Vernar is committed to a watch that has built about 2,500 successive steps in an instant.

And a two-week turn to the carousel before you. Every piece made on their own machine dreams of frost for 14 days is constantly being drilled in a mechanical machine imitating the movement of a human hand. When in peij, the watch can travel to the actual back. And some in the vault to gain value every day.