The corrupt group around Petr Hlubuk and Michal Redl had in the Central Region. Jan Lichtneger, who brought information to the accused mum, helped him. Whether we have been involved in corruption in some way is not yet known, it does not figure among the accused. It is interesting that even before the town he handed over his company to one of Zakari Nemrah’s accused. Just a day later, the councilor in the village with President Petra Pecková (STAN) paid him an extraordinary reward. Lichtneger was recalled during the afternoon.

Lichtneger was appointed to the head of the Middle Ages last year, so a short sweat, when the government in the region changed and Peckov became the governor.

He won the council of women, and the council of the Central Committee of the Central Bohemian Region recommended her to the position of a one-day council of commissions.

The region was very pleased with Lichtneger’s performance. You are also convinced of this by the extraordinary reward that the councilor and the governor knocked on him on June 2.

In fact, at the time of the police station, the police fell in love and monitored his connection to an organized group around Hlubuk and Redl.

According to the police, Lichtneger was to be their liaison officer and to with them information about state orders from the company. The First List server informs you of this.

Petr Hlubuek in the hands of the police

immediately after taking office. Lichtneger has issued several long-term contracts with companies that provide road repair and the like for the Central Bohemian Region. Contracts and outlooks on how many companies outperformed Zakar Nemrah, one of the thirteen defendants and at the same time one of only three groups who are detained.

Then, after a joint analysis of this overview, they set a previous agreement with Michal Redl, who wanted to force the most important KSS suppliers in terms of turnover on the basis of their own unjust enrichment, to unjustifiably divert them from the KSS funds in advance, quote List First from the police file.

Obvinn Michal Redl alias Mik

Michal Redl, who used to be Radovan Kreje’s park, had to run around Lichtneger. Nemrah connects them.

First with Zakara Nemrah had a strong relationship. This is also evidenced by the fact that on June 1 of this year he pedaled and sold his company to Sesaneli.

According to Lechneger, the region’s leadership in the state with President Pecková did not know about the connection of the Lichtneger group. At first, he prevented him from performing his duties as a precaution, during which he first tried to dismiss him.