Son Ivana Vyskoila James rushed to suicide on Sunday night. Due to the debts he had accumulated during his business with BusLine, he had to look down on a firearm. For the actors, this is often noticeable not only because Jakub was his only son, but they also had a better camaraderie relationship, not a parental one. He was to consult with Cuba absolutely about everything, even about his relations, which the actor’s ex-wife probably bore. Anifewhich in the past did not leave the entrepreneur thread dry.

At first glance, the hunter would think it was an angel! I have an unbelievable cuckoo, nice TV … He met the two of us. He would stab me in the back and he would laugh, he’s such a hunter. But Ivan, a v. Nevm pro, Vyskoilov let herself be heard years ago.

Ivan Vyskoil with his son Jakub

And such

Her stepson was also behind their divorce, which today, after his suicide Anife or.

I’m sad and I want peace, but if you want a memory, here it is. I will remember Jakub as my first Czech boy and friend, whom I met in Czech. He was twenty at the time and he met my father. Thanks to Jakoubek, I got a hunter. He introduced me to the man who always stood and still stood by me. Thank you, Jakoubek, for meeting you then. And it’s easy for you and both of us visit you in the form of children. It was Anife wrote on Instagram.

As was true, the members of the family, however, had the remaining loss of life in the dark, and even if there were differences between them, there was no reason for Ivan Vyskoil’s ex-wife not to mourn the tragic loss.

Relationship with Kateina Stoes

But few people remember that the owner of the company’s buses flew with the miss years ago Kateina Stoes, the relationship lasted for years and it seemed that it would eventually end in winter. However, the model went away from him and Jakub carried it very hard.

Kateina Stoesov won the Miss Czech Republic in 1998 and won the Queen of the World award that same year.

He also fought for his love through the media, when he sent a heartfelt letter to Blesk that he loved her and did not know what he would do without him.

My Katka, I’m sm. I wake up and you’re not next to me, I don’t understand him. You were here, I honored your insights, I noticed your closeness and suddenly it’s gone. I walk around the apartment and I’m so, I don’t know what’s going on with me. As long as he loses his mind, he still thinks of you and has nothing to do with it. With me, all that I had, all that I pleased, he wrote in his confession.

It seemed that he would not recover from the break-up of love, the emotion was very strong, but in the end he just met the furnace, fell in love with her and started a family. Unfortunately, his psyche was broken and ended in a family tragedy.