The illness of his wife forced a California resident to go in for sports. Now that his wife has recovered, he continues to play sports and can run 100 kilometers a day without feeling tired..


The story of a California man who started running because his wife was sick has made many people seriously think about physical activity. Ken Campbell found not only fans, but also followers. Fortunately, they did not start running because their wives or husbands were sick. They were driven to this step by the desire to lose weight and feel just as healthy.

When the former editor-in-chief Campbell, who was then 60 years old, fell ill with his wife, he reluctantly took up sports. This was necessary to help Susan’s injured wife get back to her work. As soon as she managed to get to her feet, the woman began to prepare for the race. The husband became the protection that she especially needed at that time.

Now the man recalls that when he and his wife first went for a run, he only managed to speed up his pace. At that time, Ken weighed 90 kilograms, moved with difficulty and constantly choked.

When his wife was fully strengthened, he realized that now he could not do without morning runs. Sports activities are reflected in the appearance and health. The man lost a lot of weight, forgot about shortness of breath and felt healthy.

The passion for running became so strong that he decided to take part in the marathon for which Susan was preparing. First, Ken ran 50 kilometers, and later – overcame a 100-kilometer distance.

Now in his 70s, he proudly says that the 100-kilometer race lasted almost 16 hours. All this time, his wife and daughter were nearby, who supported her husband and father. The marathon runner notes that in addition to the obvious advantages of playing sports, which affected his appearance and health, there is one more. The common hobby brought the family closer, they began to spend more time together.