At the time, Reisinger was moderately drunk. The state of the petition was to blame, said Denisa Durdkov, the chairwoman of the Prague City Court. Reisinger does not have to undergo anti-alcohol lbu.

The verdict is not final.

He was threatened with punishment or even punishment for 15 and 20 years for a punishment committed in a particularly torturous way. The state’s successor gave him 16.5 and 17.5 years of freedom, although the EU could not find a lasting circumstance.

However, the judge pointed out that she still had a register and that two convicts in Slovakia could not be missed.

The forty-year-old woman died on the night of November 28, 2021 in Vysoany in front of the cottage she lived with 13 years old Starm Reisinger. After a good time, he took his canister of gasoline, opened it, and the other half of his head was burned with flammable hair. After dropping the cigarette butt, the gasoline immediately ignited and the woman had no time to save it.

Alcohol is not worth it, the expert said

Reisinger said, e netuil, e gasoline ho so fast. Pi netst sm spilil.

His lawyer ordered the court to evaluate the act not as a betrayal, but as killed out of negligence.

According to witnesses from the neighborhood, they also indulged in him and his squeezes of alcohol and quarreled because they clung to each other. They also got drunk on the last night they celebrated their relationship. According to Reisinger’s version, the woman began to threaten to fill the cabin and go to the canister. Therefore, ndoby seized sm.

The forensic expert said that Reisinger had an intellectual in the lower dog’s average, not suffering from mental illness and fully dependent on alcohol.

I did not propose an anti-alcohol campaign because I consider it to be a no-brainer, said an expert in the field of psychiatry.

According to the verdict, Reisinger has to pay the Ministry of Justice a code worth 400,000 crowns, which is a sum that the ad paid to related farmers. He left him a time to think about whether to withdraw. The same procedure was chosen.