Kon it the way I pl. I’m a party that it turned out the best it could. We have had the tax since the arrest and we met it with a jump and advance. And if I could write about it, that’s better. The mission was completed, I am satisfied, said Zavadil for the clubs’ website.

He returned to Brno last year after three years in Opava and also worked as a mentor in Zbrojovka. In the autumn, the kind of league went into eight ways, then sweat had muscle problems. He jumped again and at the arrest of May in the twists and turns of the duel in Vlaim and now, in the setting as a regular player, he symbolically said goodbye to the Brno fans in a 1: 1 draw with Tborsk.

I said I wouldn’t be able to play everything. The arrest was great, I got back, I respected the time and gradually a great bunch became. The fact that I was injured then, in addition to the height and wear, is worn. As the wound returned, I knew the body would work. I tried to help differently, Zavadil remarked.

Ostlen the center of the first-league age record, last year in December he started his last match in the highest competition to ride in the Opava jersey at the age of 42 and seven months. A total of m Zavadil in the league on account 277 zpas, in them scored 29 gl. In the 2002/03 season, he won the title with Sparta. He started at nepid and in five seasons it will not become the oldest game of the highest competition.

I would like to stay at football. It probably won’t be training, especially about the sports site, I’m interested. Take a break, finish my work and then find out what will last. I hope that something good will happen again, pleased Zavadil, who worked as a mole as Opava’s sports manager.

And as for the football itself, I guess I’ll play somewhere, I have to move. I know that I will not be able to thrive every day, the two of them show up and it is normal. Football mm but under rd, I will also play somewhere in it, I added.