Audi ended up in somersaults in the field.
| photo: Hasii Frdlant

The accident happened on Monday at 3 pm on the I / 13 road at the turnoff to Dtichov.

idika codes Superb mila from Liberec to Dtichov. On the left, the Audi A6 threatened to drive past it. She wasn’t sure if it was a thing of the past. At the same time, however, the audience was wrong, or the city’s salary was overdue and it is full, said police spokeswoman Ivana Balkov.

The idi did not have time to react to the offensive and both cars collided. Audi crashed into the left front light of a superb. Nraz caused the superb to turn 180 degrees and his wheel flew off, the speech rang.

While the superb remained stt on the road, the type of vehicle bounced off the field. There was at least twice a dog on the roof, Balkov described.

Both people ended up with minor injuries in the hospital. The ground unit took them to the trauma center in Liberec, said Michael Georgiev. The traffic police will continue to deal with the accident.