He considers himself a tantric sex guru and listens to the advice of a dead dog: how does the scandalous new president of Argentina live?

Among his fans, Javier Miley was known as a madman because of his ferocity, as well as his wig – the reason for this was his unruly mop of hair. The politician himself calls himself a lion and in making important decisions he is guided by the advice of dogs. He believes that sex education is a conspiracy designed to destroy families, and is sincerely proud of his past work as a tantric sex coach. How does the man who managed to become president live? Argentina despite the desire to ban abortion and allow the sale of human organs, – in the material.

Politician with a chainsaw in his hand

A few years ago, Javier Miley was just a public figure whose foul-mouthed remarks against the ruling class and government spending boosted ratings in the Argentine media. At the time, political pundits could hardly have imagined that he had a real chance to lead South America’s second-largest economy. But 53-year-old Miley’s radical projects to curb inflation and spread socialism in society helped him gain widespread support.

The main idea of ​​his economic plan is to replace the local currency, the peso, with the US dollar. While still a presidential candidate, the Argentine said that if he won the elections he did not intend to develop relations with Russia, China And Brazil and join BRICS. He considers his priority allies USA And Israel.

Miley has repeatedly said that the only way to end inflation, which has topped 140 percent in Argentina, is to stop politicians from continuing to print money. First of all, he intends to get rid of Central Bank, considering it a scam as well as “a mechanism by which politicians deceive good people.” He is also a supporter of Bitcoin: Javier sees it as “returning money to its original creator – the private sector.”

The new president supports the Austrian school of economic thought and considers himself a “short-term monarchist” but also a “philosophical anarcho-capitalist.” He calls Argentina a tax hell and advocates rapid cuts in government spending. To achieve this, in particular, he proposes to liquidate half of the ministries, including the ministries of health and education.

Miley campaigned with a cranked chainsaw in his hand – “a symbol of deep cuts”

Javier Miley despises the feminist agenda and opposes abortion, which Argentina has legalized in recent years. He also encourages the free carrying of guns, the legalization of drugs and the sale of human organs, and ridicules ideas about the role of humans in climate change. In his television appearance, the politician dubbed Pope Francis an imbecile for defending social justice and called the head Roman Catholic Church representative of evil on earth.

In addition, Javier Miley openly admires Donald Trump. Imitating the latter’s slogan, “Let’s bring America back to its former greatness,” he declared that he, too, would return his country to a period of greatness. True, journalists were never able to determine which period he had in mind. “Argentina is going to reclaim the place in the world that it should never have lost,” said the president at his victory rally last Sunday.

Tantric sex and the “main bikini lover”

Son of a bus driver and a housewife from Buenos Aires, the future president did not like to talk about his childhood in the press. Miley admitted that his early years were overshadowed by a tense relationship with his father. Today, the only family member with whom he has a close relationship is his sister Karina Miley. She managed his election campaign, and he called her the boss and the architect of his rise to power.

In his youth, Javier played in a Rolling Stones tribute band and was a goalkeeper in the youth division of the Chacarita football club. But during the hyperinflation of the late 1980s, he decided to leave football and study economics

After graduating from the University of Belgrano, he received a bachelor’s degree in economics. Then – two master’s degrees from the Institute of Economic and Social Development and the University of Torcuato di Tella. For more than 20 years he taught macro- and microeconomics, mathematics for economists, monetary policy, financial theories and theories of economic growth at various universities in Argentina and other countries. Participated in conferences, wrote scientific papers, published books. Since 2012, Miley began publishing articles in the media and appearing on television, thanks to which he gained wide popularity.

During his TV appearances, Miley spoke not only about economics and politics. One day he delved into his personal life and admitted, that his resume includes work as a tantric sex trainer, during which he did not experience an orgasm for up to three months. In addition, he openly talked about how he repeatedly participated in group sex and gave advice to the public.

For most of his life, Miley has not had a serious romantic relationship due to “lack of time to date” and is not known to have any friends. However, last summer he started an affair with actress Fatima Floreswho became famous thanks to parodies of the former vice-president of Argentina Christina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Flores played hockey as a child, but had to give up the sport as a teenager due to anorexia. She complainedthat the disease had a profound impact on her life. The Bible helped the girl cope with her illness: thanks to reading the Holy Scriptures, she began to love herself more and accept her body.

When I looked at myself in the mirror, I did not see reality. I lied to everyone that I ate. I started having hormonal problems and weighed just over 40 kilograms. Then the doctors realized that I was not eating anything. My self-esteem was at rock bottom

Fatima Flores

In her youth, Flores was a diligent student and preferred to keep a low profile. Everything changed when she began to imitate teacher Norma Kaufman, who wrote on the blackboard wearing gloves due to an allergy to chalk and at the same time had a special way of speaking. Having accidentally discovered her abilities for parody, the future star realized them on stage.

Flores won the love of Argentines not only thanks to her acting talent, but also to her provocative content. She was nicknamed “the main bikini lover” – more than a million subscribers admire her photographs in multi-colored swimsuits on social networks. However, Flores never shares footage with her lover – the girl does not like to show off her personal life.

Flores and Miley met in early December 2022 on the author’s television program of actress Myrta Legrand. Then they began to show each other signs of attention. A few months later, Argentine journalist Marina Calabro made an official statement about their romance. And yet it is still unclear whether Flores will become a real first lady or remain in the status of just the president’s beloved.

Dog love

Today, Miley’s only love, which the press knows for certain, is his pets. Finishing first in the presidential election, he was quick to thank the “best strategists” – the English mastiffs, whom he calls his four-legged children.

Javier’s close relationship with pets began in 2004, when he adopted an English mastiff and named him Conan, after the character in the 1982 film Conan the Barbarian. Miley said the dog became his “true and greatest love” and that he saw her as “literally my son.” The single and childless president praised the 90-kilogram dog for always being there and becoming his closest friend.

After Conan’s death in 2017, Miley came to a medium to communicate with his beloved pet. During this conversation, Conan allegedly instructed the owner to become President of Argentina. Javier himself believes that he and the dog met in a past life more than two thousand years ago as a gladiator and a lion in the Roman Colosseum. However, they did not fight to the death, since they were destined to join forces in the future. According to the politician, this was a prophecy of his future presidential campaign.

Javier Miley with his dogs. Shot: video América TV / YouTube

Devastated by the loss, a year after the death of Conan Miley paid about 50 thousand dollars to PerPETuate for cloning the dog using his DNA. So five puppies were born, which Javier named in honor of the departed Conan, as well as economists Murray Rothbard, Milton Friedman and Robert Lucas – Murray, Milton, Robert and Lucas. The president calls the current clone of Conan his son and makes no distinction between him and the “original” Conan, while the other four dogs became his “grandsons.”

Argentine journalist Juan Luis Gonzalez, who is concerned about the choice of such an “unstable leader” in an already “unstable” country, has written an unauthorized biography of Javier Miley called “Madman.” In an interview with a Spanish newspaper 20minutes The author stated that Miley “is convinced that the advice of dogs helps him in different areas: one in politics, another in economics, and the third gives him general advice.”

The man who will decide the fate of the country wakes up every day, conducts seances with dogs, and then issues a decree based on them. This is shocking

Juan Luis Gonzalez


And when Miley himself was asked about his strange choice of mentors, he did not deny their genius. “They say dogs determine my strategies, right? What are they like “strategic committee”? This is the best strategy committee in the world. Tell me, when has an underdog achieved what we have achieved in two years? So, these are the best political analysts in the world,” the president said in a conversation with The Economist.

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