The idea of ​​releasing a modified version of the game specifically for those who download the game instead is nothing new. The creators sometimes implement in such versions a function that appears as a bug and sounds at some point hrt dl. Or at least known annoying edges. Nkte si pak even stop on the official technical fru game.

The logic of the Please Fix The Road logic goes a little differently. The Pirt version will contain all starting points, but the day of the update. dn pekky. In addition to the arrest, there is a Pirt-themed dog, a modified water sequence, a Pirtsk round town icon, and a plurality of gears on offer, wrote on Twitter game creator Ariel Jurkowski.

Jurkowski believes that people would still play the game if they were not angry with them. PC Gameru piznal, as a child, he downloaded games. He also sees space in his gesture to make himself visible. And who in, mon se pity the peopleas in the case of eskho Poldy 7.

History of anti-Pirt protection. Some have fun today, others yours

It would be the same and it wouldn’t bother anyone, it’s the way it is. I hope that at least people will appreciate this gesture, I will get some PR points from it, he wrote according to Twitter.

Please Fix The Road is a krsn minimalist logic game. Clem is to repair roads so that all cars, boats and invitations get from point A to point B. The set of tools is equally limited. It can be used to handle more pavers and move entire sections of roads, roads and railways.

The game will be released during June on Steam, Gog (for ten dollars, ie about 240 crowns) and torrents.