Opposite slogans also appeared briefly on some of Russia’s smart TVs. (May 9, 2022)
| photo: Reuters

According to the BBC portal, the opposite slogan could be engraved on Monday by users of so-called smart TVs, who wanted to watch the broadcast of the celebrations of the Day of Victory from the Russian capital in Moscow. The names of individual programs have changed briefly in the list of channels on television, even for large stations such as First Channel, Russia-1 or NTV Plus. Instead of the names of these channels, the inscription appeared on the screens: The blood of thousands of Ukrainians and their hundreds of mischievous children is on your hands. Television and ady lou. Not a wolf.

Sdlen also appeared in the head of the children’s dream, he wanted to become one of the parents in Sibisk art. He soon found out that the same memorandum had appeared in the offer’s program.

Our specialists quickly took care of correcting this problem so that the viewers could watch their favorite programs as quickly as possible, the program provider subsequently apologized.

More than ten members of President Putin’s criticism also appeared on the main page of the pro-Kremlin media Lenta.ru on Monday. While the stream on television was hacked, Lenta’s protest was organized by his own staff.

Posts by the pro-Russian portal Lenta.ru. described Putin as a paranoid dictator who unleashed a wolf against Ukraine. The Mediazona portal, which is a record in Russia, pointed out the quickly deleted posts. Posts captured in the archive had headlines: Putin unleashed one of the bloodiest lifts of the 21st century, Vladimir Putin turned into a poor dictator and paranoid, the Russian elite is sick with nepotism and patrolism, Putin and his criminal adviser and Vlk find it easier to disguise fiasco in the economy. Putin has to leave. He unleashes a senseless wolf and leads Russia into the abyss.

The contributions warned that the material was not approved by the management. Employees themselves, Yegor Poljakov, head of the economic section, and Alexandra Mironikovov, editor of the economic section, later signed up to publish them.

Lenta.ru used to be a bite of the Afia-Rambler holding, its owner Alexandr Mamut released the editor-in-chief Galina Timenková in March 2014. This happened several hours later, when censor ad Roskomnadzor warned the letter about an interview with one of the Ukrainian leaders’ organization Prav sector, which was described in Russia as neo-Nazi. The editorial staff in Timekova then founded the Medusa portal with an address in Riga, Latvia.