53 year old singer Tatyana Bulakova admitted that her future husband is very worried about the rumors on the web. The artist noted that she had long been accustomed to the negative on the Internet, but her fiancé Valery Rudnev is not easy.

Bulanova and Rudnev plan to get married in the future, but so far there is no specific date. The singer, in an interview with reporters, shared that she does not like too close attention of the press to her future husband. Moreover, the businessman himself is unpleasant to read negativity and rumors about himself.

“A lot of nasty things appeared on the Internet about Valera. And this also applies to me. But, to be honest, I’m used to this,” the artist explained.

Author Anastasia Zotkina

Anastasia Stanislavovna Zotkina – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru