Katy Perry will be one of the most important stars that will attend the coronation of the King Charles III, the singer assures that she will receive the treatment of a princess when she performs at the monarch’s coronation on May 6. Last Tuesday, the artist told Extra who will be staying at Windsor Castle during his visit to the UK in May.

«I’m so excited“, exclaimed the singer, “It is very possible that I post a lot because I am going to be in a castle, really. She is crazy ». Katy continued chatting with him. half of communication about the invitation “very formal” that he received from the monarch. “She had cursive handwriting that she had never seen before,” the songwriter explained. “She loved me.”

He stressed that it will be an “honor” to celebrate the coronation de Carlos, where she will present a show in honor of the leader of the most influential monarchy in the world, and they will surely make her feel like a member more than British royalty.

In his interview with Extra also wanted to take advantage and mention that attending this event the will relate even more with royalty, since he is the leader of one of the foundations that the royal family manages. «I am an ambassador for one of her foundations for the British Asian Trustwhich is primarily about ending child trafficking… and I just felt like he aligned with all my values ​​when he asked me to sing,” the artist explained.

Katy Perry will be one of the most important guests of King Carlos, because she will be one of the most influential figures in the general public who will present one of his shows at the coronation ceremony on May 6 at the westminster abbey.