Harnaaz Sandhu, Miss Universe 2021 of the India, had a little mishap in her farewell deflating as the outgoing universal queen, just before handing over the crown to Miss United States, who ended up winning the most recent edition of the contest held yesterday.

The whole event that has left the Miss Universe that was held in the city of New Orleans, United States, It continues to give a lot to talk about on all social networks. And although the main theme of the event was the very controversial and surprise coronation of Miss United States, R’Boney Nola, upon Miss Venezuela, Amanda Dudamel, there is something that some did not realize but that undoubtedly splashes more in what for more than a year was the reign of the greatest universal exponent of 2021.

Harnaaz Sandhu of the India, was the outgoing queen and who had to give her last parade as miss Universe yesterday. However, he had a small mishap, since while he was walking, he almost fell and made the moment something more inopportune for his reign, which was crowded due to his massive weight gain that earned him a great series of criticism on the networks. social.

In the video, you can see how the beauty queen he almost tripped on stage, but what was most striking was that he started crying right after that moment.

The Indian beauty queen certainly had quite the reign. controversial and that he was affected by his massive weight gain. But what we should best highlight is that she is undoubtedly a strong woman with great purposes in her career as model and beauty queen.

And you, what do you think of that moment?