Ship, Anna ulcov wrote under the photo that the influencer Abbot posted on the social camp. Whether there is a new relationship and a long time ago with Luke Tma alias Luktuma, but so far we can only hate.

According to many Like House girls, this is Aina’s clear revenge for Luke, who had previously claimed to be in such a semi-relationship, liked Hanka Gelnarová. Before entering the reality show, they took pictures together as pr.

It has also been speculated that their relationship is only falen and Luk wants to make a name for himself with Anika. In several views, however, Anna Luke is hungry for a leg, so he shared photos for Valentine and Luke admitted that there was something going on between them. This is whether they paid for friends with benefits or wanted to keep their relationship secret.

Jene Luke’s neck broke when he started talking about Hance like Anica. So there was speculation as to whether the pr was quiet.

If we were drunk, the furnace would only determine the probability that it could happen between them, Luk said to Han’s address. He drank her while watching the cameras during a non-show.

He lay down, talked to Vojta, and wanted me to scratch him, Hanka revealed on the wafer.

If he had a girlfriend, he lost her first.

It would make sense for Anna to find someone new, and with the beauty she is full of, and a large number of fans, it would certainly not be difficult.

According to the fan, only a photo of Anika with Opat as her big fan can be both fun and provocative.

Anna ulcov took pictures with the Abbot.

The abbot and ulcov take it as a meme, they definitely have nothing to do with Luktuma, mn nkte z fan.

For now, it doesn’t even look like Anna is really angry with Luke, she goes to Like House, and she even hugs her.

Are Luk Tma and Anna ulcov just a ptel or something?

Let’s see how their relationship develops. Mon are just a ptel with benefits and the hipsters have allowed themselves, mon wants to keep the decor mon is this cell only one big inflated bubble …