Detail of the bacterium Corynebacterium diphteriae, the causative agent of the disease
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A rare form of shortening appeared on Vysoin after 27 years. The patient with health complications was hospitalized with antibiotics. The disease has not been recorded in the Czech Republic since 1995. The disease was reported on Thursday by the Sttn state of health and the Regional Hygienic Station in Jihlava. The woman probably became infected by the animal.

Russian company Gazprom will stop importing gas through the pipeline Jamal dog Poland. According to the company, the reason is the sanctions that Russia imposed on the company EuRoPol GAZ, which owns the Polish state of this pipeline. In Russia, a law banning transactions with sanctioned entities was in force. Recently, the Jamal bag has not been relevant to the European market.

Russian troops withdrew from the area around Kharkov. Ukraine is asking Russia for an exchange of steelworks in the Azovstal steelworks, where, according to information, the Ukrainian side is holding thousands of armor. Offer the Russian troops captured in exchange for him. The Russian offensive continues towards the Luhansk, Donck and Khersonsk areas.

Finnish President Sauli Niinist and Prime Minister Sanna Marinov have officially joined NATO in a fairly diligent way. Apart from Finland, the widow is considering joining the Alliance. Finland wants to take steps to join NATO in five days. Russia has said that Finland’s accession to NATO will pose a threat.

The NB Board of Governors announced that it intended to launch intervention in the foreign exchange market. The Council is making unspecified measures to prevent further weakening of the koruna in times of high inflation. In this context, the NB pointed out the availability of large foreign exchange reserves, even internationally.