In Moscow, a military parade has begun at the outskirts of the Victory Day. Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to them. (May 9, 2022)
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Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a speech on Monday in Moscow on the occasion of the 77th year of Nazi Germany. He accused Zpad of planning an invasion of Ukraine. Rusk vpd justified as a forced, vassal and only one. Military troops in Moscow were defended by 11 thousand soldiers and 131 military vehicles.

f BusLine Group Transport Jakub Vyskoil rushed to suicide at night. According to the source, he shot himself and left a farewell letter. The death of his estates for ten years was confirmed by the actor Ivan Vyskoil, as well as the company BusLine, owned by Jakub Vyskoil.

The editor of MF DNES was one of the first to walk the new longest cable-stayed bridge in the world, which was built in Lower Moravia in the Orlické region. The public will open up in a bird’s eye. Nothing happens during the first twenty meters of walking. You walk along the bridge, which surrounds the forest like two walls. Then things change. You will find yourself in the open space, you will get a beautiful view of the landscape and the lion will wave slightly under your feet, he describes his impressions.

Russia’s ambassador to Poland, Sergei Andreyev, was poured red on Monday when he tried to lay a grandfather at a memorial to Soviet troops in Varav. TVN 24 reported this. Faist! chanted the crowd at the address of the Russian delegation.

The family of Adam Vytala, who fell into a long tangle after the operation of the tonsils, is the first to be discharged from the Pardubice hospital. Czech Television informed about the decision of the District Court in Pardubice.