Singer and CEO of Black star Pavel Kuryanov (Pasha) are renovating a three-story country house.

Photo social networks.

The area of ​​luxury real estate is 1.6 thousand square meters, and it is for this reason that the finishing process has begun to be delayed. However, the family could not wait long and decided to move to a new place.

So, Hanna posted on social networks footage of repairs in a luxurious mansion. She started with the kitchen, which she had been waiting for almost two years. The singer emphasized that she had to suffer with the design of the marble table.

After that, the artist went up to the second floor and boasted a huge crystal chandelier. She also noted that the bedroom is almost ready, but the Smart Home system has not yet arrived.

It is worth noting that the builders finished the entire space with panels, stone, wood and even leather. Even the dining table in the house is made of natural stone.

“All the decor, dishes, vases and so on have not yet been bought. But today, for the first time, we gathered with the whole family to celebrate the completion of construction,” Hanna admitted.