A handsome but famous boy, he invited Jimin, the member and star dancer of bts, to a special and totally private dinner. However, things did not go as originally planned, so he ended up completely disappointed. Who is it about?

Jimin recently announced and premiered a collaboration with a great friend, which is about Idol Taeyang, who is a member of the Kpop group BIG BANG and very good friend of the member of Bangtan.

Taeyang and Jimin are very good friends, but before forging that great friendship, there were many things behind, even Taeyang had several disappointments when trying to have a private meeting with Jimin.

During promotions for their new collaborative song “VIBE”, the ex of Y.G. He revealed the awkward moment he lived next to Jimin while trying to have a private dinner.

Thus, through a group chat, the idols agreed to have a private dinner to discuss the details of their latest song, but upon arriving at the restaurant, Taeyang He saw that instead of Jimin there was another person, something that made the artist quite upset. But upon confronting him, he realized that the person was also called Jimin and it was all a confusion, although he couldn’t help but feel disappointed by the awkward moment.

It all started when he was on a flight with Teddy Park, who told him that it could be something really amazing if they could get a collaboration with BTS’s Jimin, to which Taeyang accepted the idea immediately and without a doubt contacted him. world renowned idol.

And you, what do you think of the moment that Taeyang and Jimin lived?