Zagorov had to postpone back to the ground due to health problems. For the seventy-five years, he has caused health problems after a delayed coincidence and the following time, when she broke several vertebrae. I broke you, to do a stupid osteoporus, then go one over the dark, so it was so in stages. I’m under a corset. It’s better, but to go under it, Zagorov admitted during a show in the CNN Prima NEWS program.

Osteoporosis, which often results in bone thieves, is a disease manifested by a gradual gout of the bone tissue. The bones are weakened as a result of much susceptibility to fractures.

I canceled everything and in the press I first published that in order to honor the time and seize such an event as I used to conquer and accept the people, I will be there, but not yet, she explained the singer.

Prepare a new record

But Zagorov is definitely not at home. Zahlm i nezahlm. I lie a lot in bed, which I have to, but I started preparing a record. It’s so dark. Seven songs in mm. Some are very krsn, she revealed.

In addition to preparing a new album, fans can take part in the musical Biograf lska. I’ve never had the honor of having music from my songs. I know that the premiere should be very curious, said Zagorov.

And what would she advise people who are going through a lifetime? I don’t think so. I think that you have to deal with it on your own and have your own system. I invite myself to get in shape in this direction as well. It’s very nice when I sing and the lyrics jump on me. She always enlightened me, she added a 75-year-old singer.