Hamas hostage gives birth in captivity

The woman who was kidnapped by Palestinian radicals Hamas movement during the attack on Israel October 7, gave birth in captivity. This was announced by the wife of the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu Sarah in a letter to the president’s wife USA Jill Biden, writes The Times of Israel.

“You can only imagine, as I can, what must be going through the mind of this young mother as she is held by these killers with her newborn,” the letter reads. Sara Netanyahu also noted that there are 32 children over five weeks old in captivity in the Gaza Strip. She called on the American leader to speak out on behalf of these children and call for their immediate release.

November 3 President of Israel Isaac Herzog statedWhat Israel Defense Forces (IDF) will continue to fight the Palestinian Hamas movement, despite the suffering of civilians in the Gaza Strip, and the fighting will not stop until Hamas is destroyed.

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