Hamas calls Israeli evidence about hostages in Al-Shifa false

Palestinian Hamas movement called the information provided false and misleading by the Israeli army photos and videos said to show Hamas hostages being held at Al-Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip. The TV channel reports this Al Jazeera.

According to the movement’s commentary, statements Israel aimed at covering up their security and military failures.

Previously CNN reportedthat the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) could have tampered with evidence proving the presence of weapons caches of the Palestinian Hamas movement in the Al-Shifa hospital in the Gaza Strip.

November 15 IDF announced about the discovery of a Hamas command center on the territory of the Al-Shifa hospital in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli side also reports the discovery of weapons and various Hamas equipment. During the storming of the hospital, clashes occurred with armed people.

Later Palestinian radical movement Hamas refuted statements by the Israel Defense Forces about weapons found in Al-Shifa Hospital. It called such statements cheap propaganda.

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