The seat of Sentorsk will be defended by the head of the neonatal department of the Olomouc Faculty Hospital Lumr Kantor (KDU-SL), who six years ago defeated Milan Brzdil (ANO) by a thousand votes. He is now the same member of parliament as he was then, but he has no desire to be in the upper chamber of the parliament, so he will strive for the post in Senta again.

Olomouc surgeon Neoral (ODS) will try to prevent a repeat of their duel. Obant democrats nominated him and the dog was recommended by the overall leadership of the coalition parties TOGETHER to nominate the candidates together.

Lkaem is also Ctirad Musil (Moravan). Until the end of last January, he was the head of clinical biochemistry and hematology at the hospital, but then he had to die in office. The hospital was bothered by his political behavior. On social media, the president of Moravan, under the name Moravsk troll, published critical messages about precautions against the coronavirus.

the co-editor left his hands free

hundred voters critical of the government’s intentions will also be addressed by the editor of the basic bicycle in Troubki in Perovska, Petr Vrna. Last May, he came out against the idea that children should wear their hands in these clothes, and he left it up to the families to decide.

The main motive of my candidacy is the impact of anti-epidemic measures on children, women and students, from whom we took two years of childhood and adulthood and affected their health in a serious way, he said.

The president of the Tricolor Zuzana Majerov Zahradnkov is also vying for votes with the slogan Let’s defend the first state and defend freedom.

Their favorite is Pirti, who designed the scientific worker and high school pedagogue Vclav Rance.

In the same way, STAN wants Michal Malacka, vice-rector for strategy and external relations of the Palacky University in Olomouc, as a senator. He is running for the ninth seat and for the Olomouc council.

Voter address prestin allowed

Doctors, scientists and teachers have been moving in the public eye for a long time in the rated prestinch allowed and the parties know it.

It’s safe from them, because even if you don’t know a particular person or you don’t associate them with them, the very fact of their approval is enough to bind you and invite you to vote for them, pointed out sociologist Vojtch Bedn.

All in all, they can raise the bar for choices that they traditionally had. Six years ago in Olomouc, 35 percent voted in the first round, while only 19 percent voted in the second round in Piblin.

Although the Senate elections are not popular as such, and the people don’t even understand the electorate that the Senate is full of in the parliament, they may perceive it as supporting local personalities, Bedn added.

Parties unite according to the type of election

The support given to the candidate by some parties is noteworthy. TOP 09, Zelen and ProOlomouc signed a memorandum in which they agreed on Kantor.

The stupidly organized ProOlomouc wants a STAND with Pirty and Zelen at the town hall. On the other hand, the signatories of the memorandum together with the KDU-SL are under the banner of the Allies of the ruling coalition.

Candidates for the senate elections in the electoral district. 61 Olomouc

  • acting senator Lumr Kantor (elected for KDU-SL), since 2016
  • Milan Brzdil (ANO) Member of Parliament
  • Michal Malacka (STAN) first year, vice-rector of Palacko University
  • estmr Neoral (ODS) lka
  • Zuzana Majerov Zahradnkov (Trikolora), president of Trikolora
  • Ctirad Musil (Moravian) lka
  • Vclav Ranc (Pirti) research worker

Parties running for Olomouc council:

TOGETHER; SPD and Tricolor; YES 2011; Free, Private, Crown, Conservative Party; KSM; ProOlomouc and Pirti; Psaha obansk hnut Robert Lachty; Olomouan; STAN, Zelen and Nezvisl Olomouc personalities; Association for the Republic of the Republic of Moravia and Silesia, co

The deadline for the municipal and senate elections is on the 23rd and 24th of January.

We promised support to Lumr Kantor before joining the coalition with Pirty, but it didn’t play a role in the first instance, argued the chairman of ProOlomouc, Tom Pejpek.

Antonn Stank, the former mayor of Olomouc and now non-affiliated Olomouc representative Antonn Stank, who was the minister of culture for the SSD in 2018 and 2019, also informed about the candidacy for Sent on Facebook.

He resigned from the vak u party and in the end he is not even a candidate in Olomouc. He is nominated by the Psaha movement in the Bruntl constituency. I will go to the press conference later on my candidacy for Sent, he wrote to the editors last week.

Speculations from last year that he should appear among the names for the SPD were thus not confirmed. It was a hoax. It probably surprised us the most. Wherever it appeared, I immediately denied it, said Pavel Jelnek, now chairman of the SPD in Olomouc.

Absolutely no one dealt with me, and when I asked our mayor Radim Fiala, he didn’t know much about him, asserts Jelnek.

Party spades among candidates

As with the candidates for Sent, there are several high-ranking representatives of their parties in the general elections as well. In the last place behind STAN and Zelen, in Olomouc, we find Josef Suchenko, the governor and new chairman of the Starost presidency. He was a member of the city council, but resigned after being elected to the regional council.

The party ace is Daniela Ostr, deputy chairman of the SSD, she is the number two of the candidate Olomouan. Apart from social democrats, you are also a personality without political affiliation.

For example, Olomouc football legend Roman Hubnk was written in fifth place. Michal Otyepka, a Pikov scientist, is also a prominent name. It is the only echo that managed to receive the most prestigious European grant.

The TOGETHER coalition has the editor of the regional Vdeck library in Olomouc and the ODS member Iveta Tichou in all its adzes, the coalition of the SPD and the Tricolor has bet on the rocker Miroslav Spilka, whose fans know you from the band Perseus.

Investor, businessman and executor Robert Runtk is responsible for hnut spOLen. Years ago, when he founded the movement, he ran for office from six cities, but the party won only those seats.