“I refused the national team,” he said. “I want to rest. There is no qualification this year and we did not make it to the World Cup. We will only play in the European League. Young boys will get a chance, they will have the opportunity to hang out. “

Hadrava, together with Donovan Džavoronok, the smasher of the Italian Monza, will have fun playing beach volleyball during the summer.

However, he does not give up the six-team representation. “If I get an invitation next year, if the coach wants me, I will return to the national team,” he said.

However, he immediately objected that he had completely different thoughts at the moment. He worries that Jastrzębski Węgel is not enough at Kędzierzyn-Koźle as the defender of the trophy in the final of the Polish Plus League.

Jastrzębie – Zdrój will lose the end of the season on Wednesday in Kędzierzyn-Koźle after losing in the opponent’s hall 0: 3 and Saturday’s home defeat 2: 3 (20, -16, 22, -12, -16).

“It’s very frustrating to lose at home in the fifth set, but we have to keep going and hope that we will return home again,” commented Jan Hadrava on Saturday’s duel. “Playing the finals of the Polish league is a big event, but I’m very sorry that we lost twice. That enthusiasm, the first impressions of advancing to the finals, are suddenly gone. And even after the match we played at home. “

The Czech universal kept his team in the game in a tie break, when he leveled with an ace at 12:12 and with hard attacks he made it to 13:13 and 15:15. But during the fourth guests’ sword at 16:17, he crashed into a huge block.

Jan Hadrava (left) and Yuri Gladyr try to block the attack of the Polish ...

“In the fifth set, we had a chance to attack our opponent three times and we won’t use it. That is punishable, “said Hadrava. “Unfortunately, we can’t afford not to finish three balloons. The opponent loses one of the three, we all … At the same time we have them expensive, but then we don’t catch them, they miraculously, they miraculously cover up. But if we can talk about a miracle, when it happens often. I guess it’s their mind, and our neum. “

Jastrzębskego Węgla volleyball players have lost five consecutive matches with Kędzierzyn-Koźle since March, including the semifinals of the Champions League. But they struggled with the team’s huge wastage.

They are now in full force. But didn’t they stop believing against their big rival after previous unsuccessful fights?

“If that were the case, Saturday’s match would look different,” Jan Hadrava replied. “But we can’t keep our performance up for a long time. We play well for a while, maybe the whole set, then we go down two classes. And we can’t afford that with Zaksa, it’s not a team that breaks when you get under it. You have to play well anyway and that doesn’t work out for us yet. “

He added that in the last encounter with them, they managed to play two sets well after a long time. “It simply came to our notice then. Volleyball is played on three winning sets. We need to be more determined, stronger, more precise. And hopefully it will work out. “

He is not yet thinking about how the team will change after the season, whether it will include French Olympic winners Benjamin Toniutti, Stephen Boyer and Trévor Clevenot and Polish representatives Tomasz Fornal, Rafal Szymura and Jakub Popiwczak.

“Most of all, I want us to have another final match on Wednesday,” said Hadrava, who has a new contract in Jastrzębie for the next two years, as does Finnish recorder Eemi Tervaportti.

Hadrava returned to Poland before this season after a year in Italy. And so he can say that the Plus League went forward again. “A lot of players from Italy and other quality competitions came here. The local competition is equal to the Italian, as evidenced by the results in the Champions League, “he said.

In its semifinals, in addition to the current finalists of the Polish league, the Italian teams Trentino and Perugia were. Kędzierzyn-Koźle and Trentino will compete for the title of the best European club on 22 May in Ljubljana, Slovenia.